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AmberChaudry Corpur

Mesh bodies and maya

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Hey guys !

I am having a bit of trouble with mesh clothes for mesh bodies. Its been a while i make clothes for simple classic avatars.

All was well in that respect.

I would usually make a once sided mesh , Nomals facing outside . Make the mesh , rig and weight the mesh , then copy those weights to the mesh that i made to have faces inside as well as outside ( Made my selecting all faces of the mesh then dulpicate faces and flipping) , so i dont get an invisible inside when in SL. So far it was always good never an issue

Then i tried to make clothes for Seconlife new mesh bodies like slink amd maitreya bodies. I have the creator kits they provide , and rigging to those skeletons, My problem now is that it all works all fine with one sided meshes, that have no faces inside. I can rig and weight and upload and fits the bodies perfectly.


But when i try to copy my weights to the 2 sided mesh , It looks all fine in Maya


But once i upload and wear the 2 sided in world . Its looks all messed up as if there is no wighting of any sorts.


I have tried to ask around in groups and to friends that are doing meshes for mesh bodies. But no help so far.

I am really stuck at this. I hope forums tun out to be my ultimate answer

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Just in case anyone else has this problem or might have it in future, I will not remove the thread . My problem was solved with the help of a friend ( cathy foil creator of MayaStar )  after experimenting with a heck load of things we found out that weights were messed up on the mesh body i was transfering weights from. So opening a fresh copy of the body mesh, and getting weights from it to my mesh. It finally worked fine.

Hence. In case anyone gets this issue with mesh bodies, does not matrter what software you are using. Just make sure to always  copy weights on your mesh from a fresh copy of the body mesh, and also make sure you have weights on all joints by selecting the joints one by one in weight paint select mode.

Hope this helps :)


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