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Roleplay Roles Open For A Charmed Roleplay (Personal Roleplay Request)

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I have just started to roleplay at the Charmed sim that just opened. I'm looking for several people to play several different roles. I have a slight background included for each character.

Samatha is a young witch that doesn't have good control of her abilties, but I can use them. It just gets out of hand. She is quick on her feet and has plenty of street smarts. She hates being in a classroom with set rules. She likes to do things at her pace, on her time and in her way. She is sarcastic and can be a pain in the ass when she wants to be. She's twevle, what did you expect?

Female Roles: 

Young Witch Female (Insert Name): A young girl between age 5-10 that Sam saved that attached herself to her. She lives in the small apartment that Sam was able to rent since the landlord just simply doesn't care. Her power deal with fire.

Female Ghost (Insert name): This is the ghost of decease mother that was killed by a demon. She appears when Sam summons her. She is the person who tells her where to find the famiyl Book of Shadows.

Female Police Officer (Inser name): An decetive that is highly suspicous of how Sam always ends up near a crime scene and she never sees her in school.

Female Friends (Insert Names) 3 Positions: They have been friends since before Sam's parents were killed and she was adopted. They all come from different backgrounds. Age 10-14

Male Roles:

Young Witch Male (Insert Name): A young boy that saved Sam from being drowned by a water demon. They go their seperate ways and run into each other again. This time she saves him from a demon by throwing a potion. There are sevearl incidents where they play this game of saving each other without really talking to each other. They eventally become friends and stays in the apartment that Sam rented, due to a landlord that just didn't ask questions. Age 10-14.

Male Social Worker: An social worker that helped her get adopted into her current family but can't seem to keep her in a school. He tries his best to help Sam but she's an handful. He has been her social worker since she was five-years-old. He placed her in a lot of families before he finally found one that worked. 

A Baker: He owns an bakery bellow Samantha and her frends. He doesn't say anything to police of social services about her staying there alone a lot. he often leaves dinner rolls for the kids. He's actually a male witch that ends up teaching the kids about magic.

Male Ghost: Samantha's father that was killed by a demon when she was five. He only shows up if she summons him. He is the one who helped her idenity the demon that killed him and his wife. He also keeps the police from discover her hideout.

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