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Looking For Roleplay (Fantasy, family, modern, anything!)

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I have almost 10 years of experience with roleplaying but very little experience with roleplaying on SL, it may take me awhile to adjust, I'm used to chat and forum roleplay. Regardless, I put a lot of time into getting involved in any roleplay I'm a part of, I usually take time to thoroughly read the lore and create my character. I know about godmodding, autohitting/dodging, and metagaming so no worries as far as that goes!

I'm mainly interested in:

  • Active, ongoing roleplay.
  • Semi-para to para roleplay.
  • Any time period from modern to medieval to renaissance.
  • Fantasy elements are a huge plus.
  • Welcoming communities with some OOC!


I'm not interested in:

  • RPGs or anything that focuses more on combat and the use of dice and stats than story writing. (I will roleplay combat, but not with dice, it's boring to me.)
  • Scifi settings (I don't have any scifi outfits.)
  • Feral settings (I don't have animal avatars.)
  • Anything that requires me to make a purchase.

I don't mind filling out an application or going through a short joining process, HOWEVER extremely strict RP is a little intimidating, I need conversation and communication. I absolutely will not join a RP that is made to be more of a chore or a job than a source of entertainment.

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There are many, many RP sims in SL. Some are busy most of the time, while others are empty most of the time. Some have strict rules, while others have simple, easy-going rules. Some focus on pararoleplay, while others tend to have 1 or 2 sentences per turn. My advice is to visit all the RP sims that interest you. Read their basic rules & background stories, talk to people who play there, and trust your instincts about which seem like they might be fun for you.

Scroll through posts on this subforum for places to try. Also use the In-World Search. Higher traffic means more people on the sim, so usually more opportunities for RP. When you land in the landing area,  use the People button to see what people on the sim are doing. Do they look like they're RPing? Do they look like characters you might like to play with?

If you're used to tabetop or forum RP, you shouldn't have any trouble transitioning into SL RP. The differences are that you need to dress your avatar appropriately (look for free & cheap clothes on MP), you might want to rent a small apartment on the sim for your character, and you can interact in a 3D virtual world, rather than just in your imagination. Being able to write up a background story for your character is a great plus. Make sure it will fit with the story and other characters by asking a sim admin if it's ok. Then put your RP limits and what you want other people to know about your character in a profile pick. (Create your pick in a public location, so people won't use it to TP into your home or apartment.)


Oh, I almost forgot.  Search on "roleplay" in the Groups tab of In-world Search too. Then join some for people seeking roleplay or for roleplay annoucements. Check the past notices after you join to see if the group is busy or not, but sometimes members will also ask for RP partners in group chat.

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I put forth both City of Blackwall  and Convergence for your consideration.

Both of the are post-apoc type RP sims, but everyone pretty much wears modern clothing. 

About Convergence:

  • Extensive Lore - There is a lot of lore. Proabably not as much as it seems like, but it's quite exhaustive IMO. 
  • HUGE Player Base - I've never seen this sim completely empty. There's no shortage of people. This might seem a touch intimidating when joining but there's also plenty of people who will help you find your way. 
  • Very talkative OOC - They rarely shut up. And I mean that in the best possible way. 


About Blackwall:

  • Reasonable Lore - There is quite a bit of lore, but I feel like it's a more reasonable (read: less intimidating) amount of lore.
  • Cool backstory - No virus here. Just warring gods. Who can say no to warring gods.
  • Smaller Player Base - It's only about 3 months old so there are definite dead times.
  • Quieter OOC - I don't mind, because I don't talk a whole bunch in OOC chat to begin with. But if you like it to always be lively in OOC chat be prepared to get the party started yourself. 

I personally like the build of Blackwall more, but that's just because it loads faster xD 

Don't ask me which one I like better because I adore  them both. Ranking one above the other simply never crosses my mind. I do play both so there's that. I guess it depends on what your looking for. 

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Still interested and looking! So far I haven't gotten replies to anything I've applied to, or the places I've visited were deserted. Seems like a lot of people prefer to roleplay in private areas so it's difficult for me to find someone...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1885 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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