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Qwalyphi Korpov

The resident who provided the previous content, if any, has replaced it with this generic statement.

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Qwalyphi Korpov wrote:

Aw... u is back Community Feedback. 
  I thought u was gone for good but.... was u away at rehab?   Was it a rough program?   Well, dats behind u now.  Back to the fun, the total randomness that made u who u r.

Oh.... no more of that?   Total focus now, the straight and narrow?

Okay then!  Good for you.   A new life for you.  I'll try to help but u know there's gonna be problems.  One day at a time though, keep moving forward, you'll do fine.

ok, I have to admit this made me spill soda while I was laughing! :smileyvery-happy:

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