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Sharing a place? Include a SLurl! And pictures!

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My new club is ready to open, aimed at all Bloodline players as a hang out, club, lounge...whatever you want to use it for.
I will be doing regular DJ spots, playing anything from the dark sounds to 80's, Dance music to Rock...let me know what you want to hear.
I will be doing a grand opening soon and will have a couple of blood dolls as greeters/hosts so don't forget to give them a bite and take a little snack from them. In the meantime, feel free to come and take a look around, if theres anything you feel the place is missing feel free to give me a shout.

Look forward to seeing you there

Paulus Portland



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[uSF-O] United Space Force Outcasts - The Town Of Anamalia

Visit Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anamalia/139/125/27

(Just as a heads up that this is a homestead region)

It has activies with a hangout and sandbox that requires a group tag, Plus has an anti-griefer device to prevent griefer attacks. Place also has parcels and skyboxes for rent in the region. This is a sci-fi community region with a off sim surrround scene of forest and mountains! The picture taken was with all the shaders except depth of field with the viewers graphics options.


USF-O - The Town Of Anamalia_001.jpg

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pointe fusion

We have several vacancies open at the moment too for members to get more involved at Pointe:

Artist's, DJ's, Security, Greeter, Mentor, Promotion & PR,Greeter , needed and Guest  Elites

  Pointe Fusion Elite  jazz , blues, rock  Safrano Entertainment (185,193,21)

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10 000 L$ FOR miss santorini
FOR 10000 L$
Sponsored by Santorini Club
Highest Votes will won the Tag
Of miss santorini in the Group

MISS santorini 2014

*Only group members can join
*50L$ TO JOIN (right click pay board to join)
*The contest will last 10days
*4000 Minutes to enter (3days) to enter
*10000Minutes to vote (7days) to vote   
* Vote is open for all group
* The 3winner will split the price

Miss of Santorini Club 2014.jpg

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Come visit the Millhouse Beanery. A vintage, rustic coffee house nustled in a lush forest full of little nooks and corners to explore and photograph. Bring that special someone to cuddle and dance along the bay or simply come to relax, chat, hangout and meet new people.

The Millhouse Beanery


bean 1.jpg

Photo by Anwen Caedmon


bean 2.jpg

Photo by Cavey Charlesworth



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This is a beach front resort with a large highrise aprtment that has a rooftop view!  It also has teleport sites around the property.  There's a dolphin that jumps out of the water and has some underwater sea life.  It also teleports to an  underwater observation lounge. 



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Lovely French village Coeur, spread over several sims, has stores, horse driven carriages with menu to choose where you want to go, canals with boats,, and above all beautiful places to live in on rent, its so picturesque looks like an RP sim and they do encorauge period clothing but its not really an RP place as such, possibly one of the top ten sims on SL in my opinion.

Start your tour by landing at this quaint cafe http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquitaine%20Coeur%20Nord/200/122/29/?title=Coeur%20Village%20Cafe

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The Social Griot: Here, we talk about social justice, politics, current events, feminism, gender, philosophy, religion and atheism. Everyone  is welcome to join at absolutely no fee.  The Social Griot is primarily a chat sim, though we do feature 7 seas fishing, pontoon boats, games (darts, chess, whack a mole, Texas hold 'em poker and monopoly) and of course, an entertainment room with a television hooked up to youtube and various other online channels. The Griot is open to everyone and we welcome everyone to become part of our community and make themselves at home.

This is an awesome place to hangout and chat. They hold daily discussions about a variety of interesting and provocative topics.  I love the different places to explore on the sim and the people are friendly and intelligent. It's a cool place to relax and talk with other people.

Saturday lounging at the pond 2.png

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City of Blackwall is a dark, dystopian, supernatural, non-metered combat, role-playing Sim.

Play one of our magical races and struggle for dominance within the walls of the city, the sole place that has survived the destruction of the gods. 

We are excited to open this new sim and hope to give your character a home to have fun, build stories, create rivalries and friendships. We have done our best to offer an immerse environment and lore that will develop with our community. The sim was made by role-players for role-players who love story-telling.

Blackwall city view.jpg

Learn more about our sim on our Website:


Check us out here:


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Simply a small cafe on the side of the road! Stop by to chat, dance, and have a good time. Light RP encouraged, Steampunk and victorian inspired. 

A quaint Steampunk cafe, serving house made beers, vodkas and coffees. Indoor and outdoor seating, come and relax to some soothing music and enjoy good company. Owned and operated by Master Wayfarer Saul Goodie ∆


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From the creators of The Chapter Four and Lost & Found arrives... The ionic Spell collective! 


A new begining:

"The Ionic Spell is what remains of a little village devastated by a large solar storm, forcing the citizens to rethink day to day life. For 10 years the people have lived without electricity and looked for ways to restore the light. The community is close and we must stick together to find the answer."


A place to live:

The ionic spell is not a normal residential sim, we are a community. What does it means? It means that things will be happening on the sim such live concerts, events etc.
A sim with life, with movement and immersed in art projects.


TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mataiva/21/160/22





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http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Briar Rose Realm/229/17/1966

Purple Petals -Adult-

Purple Petals is a friendly and atmospheric adult place for everyone to visit. Just be respectful with each other and enjoy to lounge either in the romantic garden, the roman Temple or come to our music and dance events in the purple club at friday 1-4 PM SLT. Also there is a dungeon for roleplay :)







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