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ATTENTION ARTISTS! The Copyright laws are about to change

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Please Spread this around where ever you can. As an artist myself, this law could effect anyone and everyone if we don't stop it. 

So sum it up basically
"What exactly is the big change?
Right now under current law, the moment you create a piece of artwork, it's instantly protected under copyright law with you as the copyright holder, meaning if someone infringes on your rights by creating deriverate works upon your work, or simply marketing/using it without your permission, you get to sue and claim it. You are in charge and control of what happens with your work.
With the law change your art will no longer be protected from the moment it's created; rather, you have to register each and every work individually with profit organisations to make your rights legitimate.
Sucks big time, right? First of all ain't nobody got time for this and secondly, my work is mine, and should be acknowledged as such always.
This law opens doors and gates for corporations to leech off our work without paying us anything. This law change does not have the benefits of the individual artists in mind, it only cares for corporations to make quick and easy bucks off our works."

Please Visit this Link to watch the Podcast video and their site to see how we as Artists can stop this from happening to us. This is any kind of art. Photography, tattoos, sketches, screenshots, character designs, photomanipulation, paintings, digital art!


I have already Tweeted, and spread it through my Facebook; even to my tattoo artist so he himself can start sharing and getting this out.

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I am not sure this would be legal. The USA is a signatory to the Berne Copyright Convention, and this doesn't seem to meet the minimum standard set by the convention. It's possible that Registration would add extra protections, as it already does.

None of that is a guarantee against legislative stupidity, which might force an expensive court case that gets to the US Supreme Court.

This needs watching, but don't panic.

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Submit your letter here!

Sample letters from other artists: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Ar...

Illustrators’ Partnership Blog: http://ipaorphanworks.blogspot.com

IPA Artists Alert

To sign-up for IPA Artists Alert

Copyright Office page where comments must be submitted online:

4 articles written about this:

Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors
by Brad Holland

Orphan Works Legislation—A Bad Deal for Artists
by Bruce Lehman, Esq.

Perfect and Strengthen Your Copyrights
by Cynthia Turner

Artists’ Rights are Human Rights
By Chris Castle

VIDEO: An Evening with Bruce Lehman
Webcast presentation from Society of Illustrators (SI)
New York - February 21, 2008
Sponsored by ASIP And SI
Q & A about illustrators' reprographic rights and their right to remuneration.

Orphan Works Roundtable
Conducted by the Small Business Administration
Salmagundi Art Club, New York, NY
Initiated by the Illustrators’ Partnership of America, the Artists Rights Society and the Advertising Photographers of America, and conducted by Tom Sullivan, Director of the Office of Advocacy of the US Small Business Administration. This was the first effort to assess the economic impact of the Orphan Works Acts H.R. 5889 and S. 2913 on creators and small businesses. Seventeen distinguished panelists spoke, all freelance working artists and stakeholders who would be directly impacted by this proposed legislation. Six 3’x4’ exhibit panels demonstrated orphan work infringements.
Presenter Bio
Video: https://vimeo.com/channels/artistsrights
Presenters submitted written statements to IPA after the meeting. We compiled these into notebooks and distributed 14 notebooks of SBA Orphan Works Roundtable statements to key members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

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Do a tiny amount or research on this and you will find that :

A. The UK already has a very very similar law to this

B. You would have to "make a “diligent effort” to find and contact the owner but come up empty handed." in order to use a copyrighted image free of charge.

C. It failed twice before.

3. I am bad at making lists.



PDF HERE to read the proposed law yourself.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2290 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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