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CLOSED | Help a furry out with an avatar?

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Waves Hello :D

You might want to check the SL Marketplace for something close to what you want and get creative yourself.

I have found some furry's in the past and here is one link to a free on with lots of body styles and colors - male and female included in the pack.  This one is free:




Have FUN ^.^


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If there is one true thing for furry avatars in SL, then its this: Good things cost good money.

Yes, you can stick with a freebie, but it also looks like an old freebie and you will probably wish at some point that you had something else.

When you are at that point, your best option is to not only look into the marketplace, but also go inworld and check out some of the furry stores. There is more to find inworld than on the marketplace. Getting a full custom made avatar will be really really expensive and difficult, but you have luck, your fursona fits to most canine avatars available.

When you have found and avatar that you want to use as a base, your next step would be to either learn how to make textures yourself (this can be quite complicated) or you search for someone who would make you a custom texture for your avatar. Be aware, this could also be not easy and expensive, but less than what you would pay for a full avatar.

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This will probably come across as unfriendly. Treat it as 'tough love'.

You don't NEED an avatar made for you. You WANT one. Most people learn the difference between needs and wants as children.

Here in SL many people are kind enough to provide many things for free - advice, assistance, directions. They'll also give away products, usually with the motive of building loyalty to their brand. There are a lot of great freebies out there. They might not be exactly what you want, but they are free. If you want to live for free, learn to work with what you can afford.

No-one likes a beggar. By asking for something for nothing, however politely, that's what you've made yourself. Not only did you ask for free stuff, you asked for expensive free stuff. Custom costs.

Your fursona looks like one which could be replicated with the popular "Kemono" avatar. The basic av costs L$900 - less than US$4. You might spend another US$10 on clothes and accessories to end up with something close to your fursona. I'll dare to say that no-one with access to SL is so broke that they can't afford US$14, especially if it's for something they claim to need.

If you can't afford to spend that kind of money, then you can't have it. Sorry. If you truly need it, you'd find the money.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1902 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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