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which items are these?

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I was trying to complete the look and wondered where I could get a few missing parts, was looking for...

1/the desert camo gun in the right shot (or maybe a desert themed pistol that I can holster on the back of the belt?)

2/the center image has sort of a black leotard thing, anthing like that avalible for the kemono?

sort of on topic, I was curious about the Rikugou Lite (Head Not Included) description sayys in requires the full thing but I was wondering if it could just be used with the m3 head?


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Theirs a few bodysuits for kemono you may be able to use.



The ABC Swimsuit for Kemono can substitute as a body suit as well. you can edit link the label on the chest and set it too 100% transparency. you can change the colour, and their are various texture mods available for it.



The rifle


And yes. the M3 head will work with the Rikugou Lite. the Kemono Head and the Venus head should also work.

If it helps. here's a couple of skin textures compatible with the Riku Lite and M3 head



Should be able to find others too.

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the bodysuits are exactly what I was looking for :)

the other thing I was interested in was the shorts but I realized afterwards I already owned them and had to set the colour to white and recolour via edit and they look great



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