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Question about Movies, Dramas and Tv Series about female Spider Demoness, Spider Woman like?

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Hello everybody :)

At first, my Name is Johannes, that's german for John. I'm 32 Years old/young, and the Reason why I'm opening this Thread here is.., I'm searching for older and newer Movies, Dramas, and Tv Series with Spider Demoness, Spiderwomans. You know, the half Human half Spider Greatures =). It's just so exciting everytime to watch such Scenes, I just love that =). And I just thought if some People knowing some good Movies and Dramas, or Tv Series, no matter how old they are, or how new, then YOU, because You live there, You're watching Tv and Cinema in your Country. 

Today I found "Journey to the West" the Tv Series, and in Episode 47 is an AWESOME Scene,actually TWO cool Scenes :DDD. And I just had the Hope to find much more with your Help :). That would be so **bleep**ing cool xD.

Please feel free to ask me for my Email Adress if You want to send me some Movie Titles or Titles from any Youkai Drama, or Tv Series + Episode that includes a female Spider-demon or Spiderwoman =), it is not important in what Form She does appear, as long as She's able to wrap Peoples up or trapping them in her sticky Spiderweb :DDD.

But of course you can also reply HERE, that's no Problem at all ;).

I will take a look into my Thread here several times in a Day.


P.s. I'm absolutely Thankful for every single Reply with the Title from a Movie, Drama, or Tv Series :)


Sincerely Yours and Kind Regards


John (Johannes)

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Spider woman in Japan, there is a story told as a specter that "Jyorougumo".
However, it might not be the ones with a focus on spider woman in the video work.
Also there will be work that appears if a part.

The date is new TV video work,
2015 was broadcast on April 11 in a special program of spring
"Saturday premium Unusual story 25th Anniversary Special spring-popular cartoonist contest Hen"
This "Mushi our house" in Original: Umezu Kazuo starring: spider woman appeared as Hasegawa Kyoko




These sentences are being translated into English mechanically, so there may be a mistake in sentences.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2134 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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