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Kouki Elska

Secure connection failed (Marketplace listing create/edit)


I have been getting extremely frustrated when it comes to edit or create listings on the Marketplace for my shop for quite some time. Over half of my sales come from MP, so I want this solved.


First off, this is what happens when I use Firefox. I can use the rest of the Marketplace fine, but when I press "Edit Listing" or "Revise Listing", it will start loading... Then when it finishes loading, it immediately takes me to this page, rather than keeping it on the loaded page:





Then, I tried Chrome. Nothing below the "Quick Fill" button loads. The browser says it's done loading, and doesn't give anymore than that:



Then, I tried Internet Explorer, and... NOTHING AT ALL from Secondlife.com or the Marketplace even loads. It just is a forever loading blank white page.


The only way I have been able to list anything up til now is by using Firefox, and waiting right until the page is almost fully-loaded, and it has to be within the exact few milisecond timeframe that I hit the "STOP LOADING" button, and then it MIGHT let me edit the input fields and if I'm even luckier, it might let me use the "Upload Image", "Related Items", and "Demo Items" pop up things.

The majority of the time, it will simply load too fast and redirect to that stupid error, or I will hit the stop button a tad too fast, and it doesn't load enough for the "Upload Image" button to do anything at all. -_-


I want to know what the heck is screwing this up, because it's so frustrating trying to get the timing right and failing, and pretty much wasting an hour just to be able to edit a listing. If Marketplace was not such a big part of my profit, I would not even bother using it anymore, but the fact is, it's more than half of my sales. I have to choose between my sanity or my sales.

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