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Hello, I wanted to respond as this competition has been going on for 7 years and there have not been any complaints. There are other contest(s) out there that allow for Female Avi's run by men, we have just chosen to do something a little different.  SL is about creating your own and that is what has been done with this pageant and I must say it has been overwhelming goodness since posting on this form other than the two negative post here.  I would say you should check it out before putting your final mark of checking it off as another competition.

Remember SL is for being creative and this pageant has changed over the years.  We have both Mr. and Miss Virtual World so we represent everyone and food for thought, we have many other creative ideas and companies that allow for both men and women despite what you are behind the computer.


Thank you,


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Was not being negative . like your initiative and good to have contests like these... but my point is- if linden labs wouldn’t care who is behind the av then why are you so concerned? was just curious. 

Was part of something similar 3 years ago (Not naming the  contest)

was selected in top 8 and then one of the organizers said that they will verify if we are female be having a skype call 

i did that.

Then again at top 5 they were telling us to  do skype call again but this time they will take a video and display on venue.

Was not ok with that.. It was supposed to be about my avatar not my real self. don’t wanna mix both of them on sl with everyone...  so i left the contest and so did one other girl. 

that one was just thrown at  us as a surprise .. 

At least you guys are being open and saying this before … 

If you are running a Mr virtual world then that will balance things out i guess.. 

Good Luck 


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I saw the guy's post about the competition having rules regarding the gender of the human behind the avy. I thought the guy was trolling because I couldnt believe that in 2015 that any competition - even in RL - would have rules like that! But sure enough ... MVW does discriminate on the basis of gender. I thought that was a horrible rule. Who cares!!! Gender is a spectrum anyway. Even rl competitions are getting away from these rules. You are blowin my mind. I guess you missed the whole transgender thing? If it is about femininity just say: you comp. is about that and having a good fem voice.

But please -- when you replied to them "2 negative comments" like there was only a petty few that agreed with them. That is when I had to stop what I was doing and stand up to be counted. So now it is 3. I bet there are many more who just move on quietly with their lives after deciding MVW has become passe. How do you even really check their sex? How are you defining their sex? Is it by DNA? The correct genitals? Now I am curious. It is your comp. I guess that means you can discriminate if you want.


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Hello EBM5555,

I appricate your comments.  Knowing the facts behind MVW we only do voice once during our competition and that is during the interview process where we want to get to know the person just in case they win the contest.  This contest MVW is highlighting both Men and Women behind the avi.  There are many that may never get that chance in RL and therefore why take away from them.

I would say, why doesnt someone start a transgender contest as it may be a great idea on the grid now instead of being negative towards the one's that are out there now and truly making a difference.  What people do not understand about MVW is that we are a registered trademark and we help many charities across the nation.  I think instead of pointing out all the bad, we need to check ourselves and realize the goodness that is being done.  Its not just a beauty pageant its so much more.  Please do your research.

Kind Regards,

Reign Congrejo Jameson

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How do you even really check their sex? How are you defining their sex? Is it by DNA? The correct genitals? Now I am curious. 

3 years ago it was skype call to verify.. now they might have taken things further and will ask for a cam show and even real life ids who knows.  :matte-motes-tongue:

Still no clear answer how they varify. 

The thing that puzzles me is that why is real so Important for a competition or similar competition that has "Virtual" title in the name. 

How do you guys varify?

Seems organizer is so offended by this genuine question .. why?

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I don't participate in anything in which voice is an imposition (I know, I know, my no participation on a given event is completely irrelevant for such event, and for the rest of SL population as well)

Voice in SL should be an option, never an imposition, to be allowed (or forbidden) to apply to a given contest, job or event. But, well, I am sure that such approach to the subject of voice will never be  adressed  in the T.O.S.

Note for people with hearing/speech impairments. Don't try to fullfill your dreams in SL. It is as discriminating and  complicated for all of you as RL is

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1885 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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