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Looking for Family Dog and K9.

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So, to start off; I am Joseph Garcia, and I am a Police Captain in Masoma County, SL.

I have been a dedicated officer to Masoma county since my employment began with them and operate my own substation in the Riverview Cove sim. I have a nice property across the street and make daily patrols around the mass array of sims that make up Masoma. I am looking for a canine to keep company in the civilian world, and watch my back in the professional one.

I am looking for a Personal Pet and Professional Partner in crime. But there are a few requirements to even be eligable im afraid:

  • You must be a Medium/Large Breed; personally favored are German Shephard, Labrador or Golden Retriever, and Belgian Malinois.
  • You need to be "trainable". Upon adoption by myself, you will need to complete the training program quickly.
  • You need to be "employable". If you are logged as an aggresive or publically banned dog, you will fail the Canine Background Check for Hire.
  • You need to be friendly around kids. Not only do I want children, but there are armies of them around town.
  • You need to be dependable. I will do my best to always be there for you, I hope for you to do the same.

I can promise you that I will add you to my life, if you can add me to yours

IM me in world for details,

Joseph Garcia (josephtucker.resident).

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