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Beyond The Veil: Demons vs Angels Roleplay

Raiden Faxel
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It's a battle between Demons and Angels in the fight for humanity. Demon's curse soul and drag them to hell. Angels bless soul and save them again. Who does humanity belong to? The demons or the angels.

In this newly release roleplaying game you choose you side. Will you be an Angel or a Demon? The object of the game is to collect human souls or save human souls. this is done by either cursing them or blessing them. But you will not be able to win the battle alone. Invite people to join your host (angels) or legion (demons). Your immortality is gain from drinking from the Spring of Youth. Each day your immortality fades, if it reaches 0 you will no longer be immortal.

Since this game is just released into BETA, the Soul Crystal, needed to start a clan will be free for this week only. Get your friends together and your own clan.

Future updates include will have Demons and Angels battling together.

Contact me Raiden Faxel for more details or to be ascended into immortality.

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It has similiar elements to bloodlines yes. However, getting souls is more a continuous battle. You gain some you lose some. You are also not required to turn the players to get their souls. You battle for the souls of NON playing members (without it bothering them in any way).

There is an upgrade system built into the HUD too. When you level up you get to choose from 4 upgrades. There are 32 upgrades in total. At full level you will only have 8 so there are many different ways to upgrade yourself. All is included in the HUD and is free to upgrade.

When battling is released it will be built in the HUD and not be a seperate HUD you have to pay for. Battling there are attack and defence points. When you attack, you have a chance to hit the target. Each attack point is another chance. You could see it like rolling a dice, yet you automatic. When you have attacked the target will then automatically defend itself in the same manner (roll of dice).

Being in a clan you must defend your soul crystal. If you are angels and demons touch your soul crystal, they will recieve 1 soul for every touch. A very quick way to gain souls from an unguarded Crystal.

So yes in a small way its like bloodlines, but only in a very small way.

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I like the without bothering part, but maybe consider not calling the unbothered people 'members', they're not gonna like it, see a long thread on 'Progeny' ^_^.

You spoke of touching an unguarded soulcrystal. That means you have an actual sim to go with your game, where the clans keep their crystals and have a kind of base or something?

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