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SERIOUS! Looking for someone to make a portrait of, for ethnographic virtual research!

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I'm currently looking for someone who is interested in interacting with me vía second life in order to do a short film portrait of you. You could be also a couple!  I'm interested in knowing how you live through second life, someone that would like to show me their lifestyle, activities, a day in your virtual life!  Please let me know if you are interested  ASAP :)
I won't take much of your time. 


Thanks in advance, 


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/me logs in


Look through folders.  What do I want to wear today.  I haven't worn these jeans in a while.

I need boots to go with these.

The pant legs clip through those boots.  And the next.  This is why I don't wear these jeans.

Try on next pair of jeans.

Go back to first pair of boots.

I need a shirt.  Plaid flannel shirt goes with jeans.

Naw, that's too butch.

Remove all

Detach all

Put my HUDs back on.

What to wear ...

.I love these shoes!  I'll need a dress or something tho.

No, no, not that one, oh hell no, hey, this skirt works.

I wish I had it in red.

Open Market place and look for the skirt in red.

There's a top that goes with my skirt.

Buy the top.

That looks kind of racey.  I could wear a jacket over it.  That would be hawt without looking like a tramp.

My shoes don't work with this. The slingbacks would look better.

This looks better.  I need an up-do for my hair.

/me goes through hair folder

No, no, hey I forgot I had that, ah, it clips  horribly.  Why are all my up-dos so lame?

/me goes with her normal hair

That looks good.

I need something to break this up. 

.me spends 5 minutes trying to find her bangles sub-folder

No, no, ooo that's nice.  Next wrist (and they cannot be the same thing) no, no, no, NO!, no, go back to the first one. Go back to the last one.  It'll do.

"Clover, is this eye shadow too dark?  Clover?"

Clover: "zzzz"

AFK a sec.  I need to feed the cats.


10 minutes later.

I'm going to watch iZombie with Jack before we go to bed.  I love you, Pet.  See you tomorrow?




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I'm currently dressed in an adorable Hercules costume I got in a hunt, with a pirate hat and sometimes riding a surfboard, depending on my mood and what I have to do. If a friend or two is inworld, I'll say hello and maybe chat a bit depending on how busy they are. I'm learning how to make mesh, so the bulk of my SL time right now is either in the beta testing grid or scowling at software out of world. One of my shops is bright and colourful and mad, so I have a wander through every day to say hello.

There's been a string of hunts that play to the serious side of my creating (which is rare), so I'm usually fretting about getting a gift item perfected for the next one and making some new things for my shops. I think that will quiet down in a month though.

If you're curious, feel free to look me up inworld and use my picks to stop by my shops to see what I get up to.

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