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Looking for Scripting Work?

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Thank You for your interest in me and reading my resume.

Although my character shows I've only been in Second Life for a little over one year I have actually been in Second Life much longer and for personal and business reasons I have created this account so that I can work hard on your project without the normal everyday interruptions from friends and others who know me. I'm sure you can understand.

I have been working as a Script Writer for over 5 years in Second life with a firm grasp of LSL Coding. I also have PHP and MYSQL coding knowledge and experience and can easily combine them for any project you might need to seamlessly communicate via Second Life and outside applications such as web pages and data server.

My Rates for simple projects start as low as 1000L$ and hour and I'm willing to work with with you on bigger projects to help cut costs.

My latest Projects include but not limited to:
Gaming Projects

Feel free to contact these people for references:
Petite Pixie

Please feel free to contact me no project to large or small. If I'm off line leave a message or send me a note card and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Typically withing 24 hours.

Gurusow Resident


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Doing a great job, best scripter I've found in sl. :matte-motes-little-laugh:

Make you be satisfied 100%

Many thanks.

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