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City of Fort Concord | Urban Paragraph Roleplay

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City of Fort Concord Banner.png

The City of Fort Concord


The City of Fort Concord. Suburban American Roleplay. Fort Concord is home of the Concord NAS. Come join the fleet, protect and serve with the Police and Fire Department, live a life on the edge, find a home.

"Live Safe, Work hard, Play Harder In Concord."


Into the ground_001.png

The beautiful City of Fort Concord is a small American oasis located in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan. The Commanding Officer and many of the fleet staff were given the task of creating an american paradise for both military and civilians alike. They decided to base their Fort off of the City of Concord, New York. As the base quickly grew into a booming suburban city, American Civilians dreamt of living in it, and every Fleet Sailor dreamt of being stationed in it.


Fort Concord Housing_001.png


The Base is home to many Civilians, Sailors, Marines, and their Family. It has all the amentities of a regular United States town.

Concord Offers:

- Numerous Housing Options -

- Extremely affordable rental prices (Cheapest in SL) -

- multiple government and criminal roleplay factions -

- Distinct merging of the Military Lifestyle and the Civilian Lifestyle -

- Military and Civilians co-habitating -

- More Holidays! - 

- Much more!-


Concord Police Department_001.png


Our Public Services such as the Police Department, Fire Department, Naval Fleet, Hospital, and more are always looking for dedicated individuals to both join their ranks, and their facilities.


Dancing on the base..png


So why don't you come on down to Fort Concord (Acorn Ridge) today!


or search: Fort Concord

or contact: Joseph Garcia (josephtucker.resident)


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