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Preserving the RP Environs in SL

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Its been discussed a lot on these forums that the number of sims devoted to Roleplay have been shrinking a bit.


Based on my experiences and what I've seen on these forums, it looks like the *difficulty* of Administering a roleplay sim (its like Herding Cats) and the expense (its hard to monetize tier for roleplay thru vendors on a reliable basis) of the Owner paying for a sim for others to play in are largely the culprit, altho some of the decline might be related to trends in popular culture and general turnover in the SL population.


I'm just looking for ideas here from the general RP community....how can we ensure that we have places here to play?


Do Players move more towards organizing in Roleplay Groups that play across whatever sms will permit it in addition to whatever else pays the bills in the sim?


Do sim owners need to "take the next step" and make membership in a roleplay sim a subscription-based service? Players pay $5 a month to be a member and use the sim, but moving to that sort of arrrangement would also set an expectation that the Owner would maintain the sim to a high standard.  That means keeping compentent Management within the sim, maintaining the sim's build well and keeping it updated as SL evolves, and dealing with subscribers who "don't play well with others"


Doubtless some sims are still doing well and are monetizing thru vendors, donations and Owner Financing.  The "bigs" like Crack Den seem to do well at this, so my question/concern is really targeted at the smaller RP niche-sims that are not such a big tent as "modern/urban"


On one hand, its easy to say that "if it can't pay for itself, then let it fail", but in doing so we lose a lot of RP content.


I'd personally like to see a lot of variety remain in SL's RP community.  I'm sure Linden Lab has some idea that people are out spending money inworld to maintain and equip roleplay characters, as are the content creators - who would also take a loss should the RP community dwindle.


Thoughts on preserving our options on places to play ?

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Tremere Ember wrote:

I don't see this happening honestly like I said in my post the owner of Mystara was paying a whopping ($800/Month)!!! I think that is ridiculous, I know it was a big Sim but why are
Sim owners that
are not
commercializing their land playing this much?!!!

Like I said I don't see this happening because personally I think Sim owners shouldn't be paying this much to begin with when they are providing an area for people to enjoy in SL and many of us are already spending
of lindens per month in SL on other things like, paying for our land and our other shopping needs.

I am not saying that these Sims should not accept donations or should not get help to support their Sim but asking people to pay $5 a month to be a member of the Sim is something that I don't see myself doing. I have MMORPG's that I play that require a subscription to play and feel that this would not be appropriate in this situation because honestly we are already paying so much as it is in SL.

Personally I don't live Role-Play in SL, so this would make it undesirable for casual role-players (like myself) to participate.

Hi Tremere!


I'm glad other people are interested in the subject too :-)

I'm really not pushing for any one particular solution, but I think its a discussion thats worth having.  *Maybe* a sim owner will see an idea someone posts here and it will help their particular situation.

I enjoy RP in Second Life, its a major draw for me. Maybe there are some ideas out there that will benefit all of us :-)



PS: I'm insanely jealous of your forum avatar!

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I am putting together another RP sim for myself, friends, SL family and I am an AVID RPer. Sadly quality RPers are lacking (and least from where I have been and what I do) So I keep my own place. I have paid for everything out of my pocket...and it ads up into the $100's of dollars and then some.

BUT I  have to charge. WHY would I give all this work, blood sweat and tears and MONEY for free to just any and every conflicted pose ball **bleep** who cannot seperate RL from RP and needs 15 minutes or less of visual stimulation without story for their *feel good* (and Im wording that nicely)?  Do the DJs work for free, the dancers/hosts who can set themselves on a pole and spam macros to beg for linden loving while they are laid back in thier easy chair channel suffering?  They get paid for doing next to nothing.  Do the escorts give away their voices and pixels to be used for free? Nope. Is clothing and housing free?  No.

So why should a RP venue owner/sim owner just throw open their doors for free to the public?  Won't happen in my world and more tthan happy to pay to visit other world if they are of quality. That's the way it should be. Go put a sim together that's quality and see how many hours days MONTHS you spend in the creation and the cost of everything, then those who expect freebies might have a different perspective on these matters.

And if you really wanted to look at it all realistically-ALL of SL ....no matter how you say you view it, IS Role Play.

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Hello to this thread.

I am going to give some thoughts about roleplay communities from an owenr of a 'roleplay' community.  First, it just simply is not practical for the owner of an estate to manage roleplay.  We simply do not have the time since most of our time is consumed in covering our costs which can be substantial. You can do the math for a large estate, I have 1 full region and 9 homesteads. Ouch.

Roleplay always starts with the individual and always continues with the individual.  The first step is to always read the rules of the estate and make sure you are willing to invest in the roleplay and the regions by purchasing whatever you can from the region vendors as that is a significant piece of their support.  

Secondly, I have found in the past that moderated roleplay can be a disaster because someone typically wins and someone loses.  If the loser happens to be a resident that is contributing to an estate, or that person feels that someone violated the rules, they are driven off.  Those who pay, keep estates afloat, plain and simple.

In our case, we consider ourselves "Casual Roleplay" what that means to me is, there is NO moderation of peoples roleplay, and thus reduced drama.  However, roleplay is encouraged and many on our estate will engage in para roleplay once someone begins it in character.  In fact, those people get a reputation as fun to play with and it can continue to build.

The downside (even at hardcore rp estates) is that someone will engage OOC and corrupt the roleplay.  If I am in para, I will just remain in character becoming confused or answering the question from an 18th century perspective. (Or sometimes take the conversation to IM politely).

Fee based groups don't do anything to contribute to good roleplay in my opinion (and could freeze out a good roleplayer).  Also, all too often a good roleplayer will come in and ask for 'just a few prims' to set up shop where they 'promise' to roleplay, and that is a disservice to creators.

Most roleplay estates lose money on a monthly basis.  Content creators do this for the love of the play. Bottom line, show your support, take your OOC drama away, avoid moderators and disputes (people can work their own stuff out), if you are on a battle region be willing to fall and have fun doing so, and by all means support the regions by renting there, buying there, roleplaying there and tipping there.

If you want to save roleplay in SL, its all about the lindens.

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By the way, do the math on a $5/month subscription.  You would need 25 active subscribers to cover monthly tiers for 1 homestead wihtout rentals or larger supporters.  Groups try to accomplish that through group join fees but it is a one time basis fee.  Would a viewer change allow for a reoccuring group join fee at this rate, I doubt you could sustain your group.

The best group join fees accomplish is to make people think twice before dropping groups they paid to join.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2190 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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