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possible SL crash fix....adjust render volume values

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hi all... my name is officerwestbury resident and i am loving SL. it's seems however that love doesn't = no crashes.  I have been crashing alot in sl lately.... and through some searching decided first to clear my cache, short term fix, within an hour or so...boom, crashed! then i looked a bit more, and found this thing called render volume. first i turned it off, that made sl bare, then i searched, and found an atricle from 2011 about changing render voulme, under rendervoulmelod in debug. i decided to try changing the render volume value to 3.5 as i had try other things, and no avail. the kicker...it really works.... so far, and frame rate is 22-23... if you crash....try this on entry, might work. plus you don't need to turn the volume off (hides most buildings), or uncheck advanced lighting, without which the game becomes unatturally bright. anywayi really hope sl can get a proper fix though, maybe better crash protection. let me know if this works for you frequent crashers, and if you know of any extra help in preventing crashes.

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Changing the value of RenderVolumeLODFactor is not going to change your crash rate. If you are noticing a difference it coincidental. 

Get the free Open Hardware Monitor tool and check your component temperatures.

To have any idea of what may be wrong with your system we would need more information. Click the viewer's HELP->ABOUT... and copy paste that info with any question you ask.

There are mesh items built to specifically crash the viewer. You mitigate their effect using the settings for;

  • RenderAutoHideSurfaceAreaLimit   0
  • RenderAutoMuteByteLimit  0
  • RenderAutoMuteFunctions  7
  • RenderAutoMuteLogging  False
  • RenderAutoMuteRenderWeightLimit  350000
  • RenderAutoMuteSurfaceAreaLimit  150

These are settings recommended by Simon Linden. 

For more info see: http://blog.nalates.net/2015/05/27/second-life-render-speed-tricks/

 You may also want to try one of the RC viewers. See: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers



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