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Seeking another sister

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A few months ago  i posted a forum to get a sister and i was vary succesfull, my sister is all i ever wanted, shes funny sweet charming and very loyal,we call each other on viber,skype,talk on facebook and kik messenger,but lately we have been feeling the need to be a trio....so she says i have more luck than her.....i am seeking a lovely sister,someone who is not afraid to be them selves,u dont have to hav mic but it will be a great asset and mic is the only way me and my sis communicate,if we aint typin we tlkin and if her mic not wrkin we dnt tlk hahahahah weird huh ....anyways,we need an aawesome sister so if u fit the vybe just hit me up @BlvhhRoyale Resident or hit my sis @BlvhhFvmous Resident

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