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How do i put a sticker/Picture in the about section of my Profile?

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You can put pictures in several places of your Profile... on the Second Life tab, in the Picks section, in the First Life section, and if you have a Classified ad, in that section.  You can also put a picture in the badge section of your Forum profile here, and it will show up in your posts.  For recommended sizes and aspect ratios, see below:


  • Search > Classifieds thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels)
  • Search > Classifieds expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Search > Classifieds expanded > More Info - native aspect ratio
  • Search > Destination Guide thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels)
  • Search > Destination Guide expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Search > People - 1:1 (100×100 pixels)
  • Search > Places expanded ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Place Profile - ~3:2 (290×197 pixels)
  • About Land > Options tab - ~4:3 (195×150 pixels)
  • Profile > Picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 72×72 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  • Profile > Real world picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 45×45 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  • Profile > Picks thumbnail - 4:3 (60×45 pixels)
  • Profile > Pick expanded - 4:3 (320×240 pixels)
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Liko mentions the "about section". The only pictures I've ever seen on the About tab of a profile are the SL picture at the top and the RL profile picture halfway down. She has images in both those spots in her profile, so I don't think she's asking about them. I get the impression she has seen images elsewhere on that page and wonders how that was done. I've heard that you can embed HTML in the Biography and Notes, but I've never got that to work, and I don't know where you'd save an image for display if it did.

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