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 Just as my title explains, I am seeking investors to help me further my avid clothing designs. I have tested my concept and am now looking to take it into full production. In doing so, I have mapped out my financial needs to make this project a success.
There are many clothing designers out there and each have found a nice niche in the world, however there is a niche that still requires filling. A lot of designers still refuse to do custom work, or customized work. I aim to fill that niche.
Along with 'off the rack' designs. I aim to offer the clientele of Secondlife a chance to own something that is uniqley or uniquish to them. I understand why many designers don't or cannot offer a customizing service for their clients as it is time consuming.
But, with time and dedication on my part; it can be done. All I need is a little financial help.
I am not looking for a hand out; instead a hand up. And an investment opportunity for those who are interested.
Ideally what I would offer would be the following:
500L - One of the designs would be named after you or someone you want; you recieve (1) copy of the design.
1000L- Limited edition run of a design would be named after you or someone you want and you would recieve (1) no mod/no copy/ Trandfer of the design
3000L-You would recieve (1) certificate for a limited edition design which would be named after you or someone you wish & your input in the design would be used. You would also recieve (2) copies of the design.
8000L-You would recieve (1) share of the designing label/company as a whole and from this you will be subject to recieve furture profits that the label/company makes. For the entire life of the company. *There are only 49 of these opportunities available.
Questions or to invest: Syndra (Katakanna Resident)

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