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Alice Mavinelli

RP roles open in modern community - Fire, police, & many more

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Prim River is a three sim community set in California filled with a little bit of everything. We have one sim dedicated to a small town (with talks of adding one more sim). We also have two sims set up as a national forest with camping, hiking, etc. Prim River has been around for 2 years, with the community sim being added this year. It is a family roleplay community, but we strive for realistic RP.  (Furrys are accepted, but we tend to overlook the appearance for the sake of RP. :) )

I am currently seeking a few positions, but if you would like to roleplay as something else, we could likely accomodate. If you are interested in any position, please contact me in-world for an application or send a resume directly.  

Fire Dept - We are seeking all roles from chief on down. 

Police Dept/Park Rangers - We are hiring police officers and park rangers to patrol the various areas on sim. 

Medical- We are seeking a head physician, other doctors, nurses, etc. 

Restaurants/Small Shops - Barber shop/hair salon, Confectionery, Ice Cream Shop - owners, employees, etc.


Welcome center: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eastwood/65/99/22


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