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Bella Bistro Hiring!

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                                                               BELLA BISTRO



Bella Bistro has been in SecondLife since 2008...recently it went under a complete reconstruction and with that a whole new concept, part of this concept is the human talent we want to include for the best RolePlay experience in our establishment.

We are currently hiring:


If you are interested in please make sure you have the following requirements:


  • 90+ days Old.
  • Excellent Roleplay skills.
  • Good looking avie (hair, clothes, skin).

If you acomplish the requirements and still interested, don't hesitate to message Caroline Hadassah (MeileenPrincess) with questions regarding payment method, etc.


                                                               RE-OPENING OF BELLA BISTRO: MAY 29TH     

Thank you in advance.

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