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pet looking for home ouo

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Hello Lilko211

Congrats on looking for a Home! I'm sure it can be a scary and fun process...more daunting than anything as it's hard to find a good home in Secondlife. I just posted something to someone else about this same exact place,so I figured I would share with you as well.

When in world use your Search bar and look up "Pet Adoption Center" or PAC for short. This place is simply amazing! It's a safe haven for Submissives, Pets and Slaves to find an Owner, Dom or even a Master or Mistress. There are Pet Caretakers around to help you fill out the notecard that is located on the front desk, as well as answer any of your questions.

The place is VERY furry friendly (I myself am a Fur ^^..a Hyena to be exact) and I have been using PAC for 3 years now. As long as you specify what you are looking for in your Pet Card you will quickly find a home. :) I hope this helps a little! and at least gives you another place to search!



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