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Various role-players wanted! (Free accommodation)

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[Theme: Supernatural. Modern day setting.]


Hi there!


Our small, tight-knit group is looking for more people to interact with! If you have a good attitude, good communication skills, and are over 18, we'd love to hear from you. Our RP is centered around a small townlet in England, a haunted mansion, and a brewing cult of devil worshippers. Other genres may join us, just chat with me about your character!


There is accommodation if you want to be more immersed and live in the mansion, but you -do- need to be active in the group to do so. If you choose this option, rent is totally free and you get a lovely prim allowance to decorate your space! 


You also don't need to live with us - we'd just love more people to bounce off! There is a social mixer/house-warming on Wednesday, so if you're interested in living with us, that'd be a great opportunity for you to check things out.


Ideas for what we'd like are:


- Any professional with RP-wise enough money to live in such a house.

- Potential victim or recruit for the cult, living in the house or encountered wherever you like!

- Ghost-hunters/researchers/exorcists.

- Child avs who want music lessons/tutorials in other subjects (you'll find RP content restricted to non-sexual themes, but we're still happy to have you.

- Housemates for one of the larger rooms: Twins? Siblings? Lovers...? Or any other room-share arrangement. 

- People who want to live in the haunted wing of the house. This is specific, because RP will be centered on the fact that you are in those two rooms.


...House-cleaners/maids/butlers/cooks... Pets... Celebrities... Prostitutes... Anything can be worked with - as long as you're open to a pristine veneer hiding a much darker, more frightening setting.


<3 Contact me in game. I'm lovely!

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Hi there!


Most of the others are on between 3pm - 1am SLT. So ideally we'd like you to be active around those times as well.


Feel free to hit me up in game, or Zevoa. We'd be happy to give you the low-down/current status and show you around.

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