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Land for Rent on a New, Lively, and Popular G Rated Sim

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All parcels can be used for residential or commercial purposes! No clubs, though.

All Parcels come with a freebie house, furniture and landscaping. Plus extra prims for you to do what you want with! The items are yours to keep so they can also be removed and stored in inventory at any time. Between 50 and 200 prims availiable, price range is from 1000 to 1500 per week.

All parcels have either ocean, river, or lake acces. River and lake are completely sailable and swimmable, the ocean is there for nice views. :)

Sim environment is whimsical place full of mazes and games. The greenery has textures taken from classic works of art. Ground texture is swirly and from a Gustav Klimt painting. The ground texture on your parcel can be changed after two weeks of steady rental.

The sim is LGBT, furry, and child avatar friendly. Problems with neighbors, or bigots and griefers are solved promptly with the help of our impeccable customer service.

Here are some photos:





So, what are you waiting for? HIT THE LINK BUTTON BELOW and join our community TODAY!


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