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Seeking professional Graphic and/or Mesh Artist

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Hello everyone,

Premium Corporation is seeking for professional Graphic and/or Mesh Artist for our brand Premium Tech.

Your Jobs are:

Mesh Artist:
Create Detailed Mesh Objects for Scripting Stuff like Vendors, Adboards and other things

Graphic Designer:
Design Adverts, Textures for Mesh Objects and Vendor Graphic and many other Graphic work 

We are seeking just for professional worker no beginner wanted.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
PremiumCorp Resident
CEO of Premium Corporation

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I very much like to work for you. I am a professional mesh artist.
I made hundreds of SL mesh Including: Clothes, shoes, hair, architecture, weapons, jewelry ....
As long as you need. I can make everything. And you will have all the rights. High quality, fast and cheap. I was able to full-time. The most cost-effective work!
Please Contact me for details. We can discuss a lot of it.
please Contact princessbox88 in SL
Looking Forward to your reply.
Greeting You and your family

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