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Antisocial Alien Girl Seeking Earthling Company

Tifani Seoung

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Ready for some quick facts? Freshly 21, Midwest, Pisces.


  • Eating pasta. We can't talk if you're not a pasta enthusiast. Seriously.
  • Meowing back at my cat when he meows at me first.
  • Sleeping in 'til 3, realizing all the time I wasted, and then proceeding to make it up by watching Netflix until bed time. 
  • List making. This is the first of many, just wait and see.
  • Admiring the grey blocks on my screen because my laptop is too tiny and unfit to properly run SL (but I'm a rebel so I do it anyway).

But really, I'm just another socially awkward being floating around in cyber space until I bump into something that's mildly interesting enough to keep my curiosity picqued for five minutes. I thrive on classic rock'n'roll, spend a lot of time watching documentaries on social issues and serial killers, and never EVER wear matching socks. It drives the people around me crazy so I guess you can say I'm pretty wild.

I'm looking for some friends that can rev up my brain and inspire me further because I believe the world is nothing without creativity and shared experiences 'n thoughts with other people. I'm fairly light hearted but I'm definitely not even kidding about being awkward! Patience is a skill I value the most in people because sometimes my shyness simply takes over and it can take some time for me to come around to people. If we do become acquaintances and I go quiet a lot, please don't take it seriously. I'm constantly fumbling over my words and trying to find the things that make me sound really cool when in reality I'm a dork.

I like horror movies, interesting facts, the thought of veganism, animal rights, the environment, hugging trees, alternative rock, punk, freebie hunting, humor, irony, mythology, art, history, tiny houses!, poetry, gaming, writing, the macabre, theories, and listening to people talk about their lives and stories. 

So, hey! If you'd like to be my talking buddy on SL just hit me up in game (Tifani Seoung) or leave me some quirky facts about yourself in this thread. I really enjoy learning the small things about people, ya know? Like, I always chew on plastic forks, hardly wear shoes and I tend to sing the Oscar Mayer wiener song for seemingly no reason at all. It gets really weird after a certain point actually, haha.

Peace out, earthlings! I look forward to exchanging ancient civilizations' secrets with you. 

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Tifani Seoung wrote:

Is this a conspiracy to get me to raise my post count? I'll think about it if you give me a quarter.

A conspiracy requires at least two parties.

So frat houses must be full of plots.

And with your current post count you're in the gutter, looking at the stars.

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i feel like we could be twins or something, no kidding bro. 
i never wear matched socks (who's supposed to look at my feet anyways?), i loooooove pasta and i talk way too much to my cats. and my computer is useless when it comes to running sl. :D

wait i'm gonna be polite first: i'm morgan, from sweden. and i love horses. yes. 
i'm all about being close to nature and taking care of it. i'd rather live in a hut in the woods all alone with just my cats and a horse, but apparently that's not something you can do whenever you feel like it.

anyways, you seem cool. (plz be my friend)

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Um, yeah, so we're pretty much twinsies. Capricorn (if it matters), West Coast, Lady Bits.

I also happen to be:

  • In my twenties (not freshly twenty-three, but a healthy twenty-three).
  • A fan of pasta; however, I've been trying to cut back on carbz. I've been running every day, and they make me feel sluggish. PASTA IS DELCIOUS THOUGH. DAT PASTA DOE.
  • A fan of lists — believe it or not, my post to "Make Friends" also contains a list. As does this reply.
  • Yaaaas.
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2372 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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