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Looking for Buddies!

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Hello! My name is Evee (evee.gurbux), and I'm looking for some buddies. I'm returning to Second Life, after a year-long break, and am hoping to meet  new people.

Evee - Profile Picture


  • I'm twenty-three
  • From the West Coast (United States).
  • I love writing, graphic design, and photography.
  • I'm okay with roleplay and emoting. It's all a good time.
  • I love games! I definitely want a Cards Against Humanity group (which, given that bit of information, implies my sense of humor).
  • Going out on the town, up to no good = great.
  • Staying in, just hangin' out = great.
  • Interested in friends of all ages, genders, whatever. All good. 
  • I haven't had friends that are big into voice chat, so I'd like to maybe try that. 

To break the ice... respond to this post with your: favorite television show, Second Life location / club, favorite joke or favorite thing to do in Second Life. :)

Or y'know, just message me in-world! 

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So I love your avatar, she's gorgeous!

We are a lot alike so I had to post. I'm also from the West coast and dabble in a bit of photography. I would say my favorite thing to do in SL is shop because there's so many freaking amazing things on here. Lol. Just send me a message inworld @ nahladahl resident.

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  • LISTS!
  • The only tragic thing about pasta is, yes, carbs. It pains me to cut them out but alas, I've been replacing most of them with those darn treehugging vegan green smoothies. Bananas are life. I am bananas (and spinach).
  • There's this phenomenon in my life where my best friends since childhood have all been Capricorns. Cliche as can be, but I do consider myself superstitious when it comes to zodiac signs!
  • Lists. So tidy.


I've never actually played Cards Against Humanity, and I've heard that it brings out that psychopath in people, so naturally I'd be down to play. If you ever round up some people for a game just let me know and I'll try to make it!


I'm terrible with keeping up with the media but lately I've been watching a lot of Orphan Black, Orange Is the New Black, and Weeds. I prefer documentaries over TV, Transmission is the place I idle the most in SL, and I have 0 joke telling skills so feel free to laugh at how much of a fumbling dork I am instead. I know, I sound like an incredibly interesting person. B-)

I should be in game tonight or tomorrow, hope ya don't mind if I drop a message/friend request then!

p.s This is totally a reply to a reply. I'm throwin' all ma laaav at your thread.

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Omg, not Cards Against Humanity.. My first time playing that was at a holiday party with family around.. SO not appropriate..


Anyway.. hey Evee. I'm also returning to SL after a long break. I'm already really liking what I'm seeing as far as upgrades like mesh.. But it's hard to find hangouts and the welcome areas are trollfests! I could definitely use some friends this time around.


And as for the icebreaker..


- The Walking Dead

- I used to really like the Violet Infohub

- I can't think of any jokes.. I'm still too traumatized from Cards Against Humanity.. Heh


I'm also on SLT (west coast). I'll IM later but if anyone else wants to hit me up - go for it.


- Chris

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2135 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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