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H.P. Lovecraft Lookalike Contest

WELCOME to the FIRST ANNUAL "Look Like Lovecraft" Lookalike and Photo Screen-Shot Contest. Anyone who can "look like" Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and submit a screen shot, based on the rules provided below, is welcome to participate.

Prizes are awarded for the best in category (described below) through a two-step process--a judge's panel and then public voting in the Innsmouth SIM. The contest begins April 17th and submissions end May 8th 2015. Voting to determine the winner is described below.

---- C A T E G O R I E S & PRIZE AWARDS ----

*BEST* HP Lovecraft Lookalike Photo [First & 2nd Place] PRIZE: L$3,000 and L$2,000
*MOST CREATIVE* HP Lovecraft Lookalike Photo PRIZE L$1,000
*WORST* HP Lovecraft Lookalike Photo PRIZE: L$1,000
*FUNNIEST* HP Lovecraft Lookalike Photo PRIZE: L$1,000

Prizes are awarded to the first and second place in the BEST, category, and one prize each for first place in MOST CREATIVE, WORST, and FUNNIEST categories.

Innsmouth is a SIM based on a literary work by H. P. Lovecraft, so please familiarize yourself with what he looked like, from childhood to adulthood, his interests and books, to effectly add props or create a scene. *ALL* screen shots MUST be taken in the SL Innsmouth SIM in a recognizable location.  

Innsmouth Sim:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/30/220/25

HP Lovecraft Photo Gallery: from the HP Lovecraft Archives

APPLICATiON FORM:  Application forms are available at Innsmouth sim, by finding the "WANTED" Contest Giver, or contact Arik Metzger (arikthered), Beatrix (mbeatrix), or Unnr Resident to receive one.

====== WHEN ======

Photo SUBMISSION: contest starts April 17th, and ENDS on May 8th, 2015 at midnight SLT.

Judge Review: The panel of judges will review all submissions and come to a decision of the 3 best entries for each category to be voted on by the public.
Public Voting: starts May 15th 2015, ends May 22nd, 2015 (Friday) midnight SLT.
AWARD CEREMONY: Saturday, May 23rd at noon SLT.

====== HOW ======

- R U L E S -

1. All photo screenshots must be taken at the Innsmouth, in recognizable places.
    INNSMOUTH SIM:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innsmouth/30/220/25

2. Each contestant is allowed to submit 3 photos per category, although only one photo by a contestant IN THAT CATEGORY will be selected for a possible prize and the 2nd vote. Each contestant may submit photos to one or ALL categories.

3. All images must be submitted full permissions, and the Innsmouth Preservation Society will implicitly acquire the right to use them for its promotion materials.

4. All photo screen shots should be taken in 1:1 ratio. When you take the photograph, the Target Resolution drop down should give you that option. 512x512 is the optimal size.

4. From the photos submitted, a panel of judges will select the best ones. THOSE best photos will be again voted on by the public to choose the winners.

5. ALL screenshot photographs taken MUST have been taken by, and be the property of, the contestant submitting same (and show THEIR NAME in the Inventory Item Properties). Only the person submitting the photo/screenshot may qualify for the prize, even if more than one person is involved.

6. TO SUBMIT A PHOTO: Use the notecard below - fill it out and ADD your screenshot photos by dragging to the appropriate spot. PLEASE be sure that your photographs and your notecard are FULL PERMISSIONS (copy, modify, transfer are all checked).

7. The completed notecard containing the photo screenshots should be dropped on the profile of (click the link).

(please click the link below to get the submission form)

===== PRIZES =====

A prize of L$3,000 will be awarded to the winner of the BEST CATEGORY that submitted an individual photo screen shot. A prize of L$2,000 will be awarded to second place in that same category. A prize of L$1,000 will be awared for the MOST CREATIVE category. A prize of L$1,000 will be awarded to the final single winners of the WORST and FUNNIEST categories. [So a total of 5 prizes will be awarded for a total of L$8,000]

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2196 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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