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Looking for someone to chat? I'm right here! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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Hi there! 


tldr; just message me or leave a post in here, your sex doesn't matter  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


I am leaving topic here in case if there was someone in the same situation, which is just looking for someone new to chat with.

I'm 23 years old guy from Europe, currently occupied  in a big part by studying. I live in Denmark and I am (as cheesy as it might sound) a really friendly and outgoing person. :o)

In second life I am usually just hanging out with family and chatting with a person or two, I wasn't that actively seeking friends lately and I feel like it would be nice to get to know a new person just for a friendly chat or hanging out / playing games. I'm very flexible and easy going and I can talk about pretty much about anything, and if I can I can just listen and ask question as far as my curiosity goes. ;P

In-world I am mostly working on items for my store and events I am participating in, still trying to get better and get more skill in Blender and Photoshop. I enjoy playing greedy and some other games inside second life, I used to be hardcore gamer and play a lot of computer games, but lately I just didn't have much time for that. However I wouldn't mind playing games as well, I still do sometimes!  I am not really hanging out in clubs because I'm past that stage of my Second Life, so if you're considering that as boring I might be a no go. 

Outside Second Life I really design and that's my plan for the future - I am interested in 2D design, web design, 3D modeling and design, architecture, slightly into easy programming languages. I enjoy being a volunteer and helping others, I get involved into volunteer events as much as I can, I like video games as mentioned, photography, reading books, comic books,  I enjoy card games, especially poker ( I used to play it in rl for a while) and there's a little of a gambler (but I am letting my inner gambler out mostly in roguelike games), fingerboarding, music, exploration, I like learning useless activities like playing with zippo and learning new tricks ( I am non-smoker), playing with coins, having a good conversation with other people and lots of good laughs. 

Some old wintery picture: 


If we have any common interests leave me a message in second life: liamzander resident, or just...



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I have to say I love the photo you posted. I love to check out photos and you have taken an awesome one! It looks like you are much more skilled in photoshop then I am :P What kind of games are you into? I recently got hooked back into some older computer games so I'm interested to see what other people are playing as well. 



Take Care!

Quiggles78 Resident

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