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bringing sound in louder?

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so it seems that when i use audacity and use the effect amplify, and increase gain, though the sound is nice and loud in audacity after i bring it into second life as 16 bit 44100 htz      it's really quiet, with gestures i know i can put the sound in multiple times to make it louder which is dumb cause it takes up what limited steps i have...however when i use llplaysound in a prim with the uuid the sound is very quiet.......at least to me.........and i know it can be louder because i have seagull sounds that are loud as heck.     any sugestions?    

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that's my favourite subject ;-)

you answered your question yourself, basically it's the seagull, as loud as heck.

Most uploaded sounds are overly compressed and saturated, even if they are rather low in nature, so we all can't make use of the whole dynamic range (granted, that range is very limited...) and the acoustic environment is mostly playing at the top end of this range. The only way to get around is to play low sounds low and keep the top end of the range for really loud sounds...

It's very similar to the fact that many ppl make their avatar much bigger than the given scale intends, and when they meet someone who's taller, they have to make the own avatar even bigger, and in the end their houses and environment have to be taller too and they're calling for more prim allowance...

to make it short: the whole sound concept is far from perfect, like the whole thing, but we should be wise, making a better use of it and use the whole dynamic range...


ETA: the sound in audacity is louder than in SL because of the roll off. If you zoom in very close to the sounding prim it's alomst as loud as in your app

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