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Faux, Ink. seeks riggers

Fauxglove Silverweb
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I run Faux, Ink., a full perm custom mesh development company on SL. I've been building for SL since 2010, and I'd like to begin expanding into building clothing. For that, I need to get to know some riggers!


This is contract work, paid hourly per project. Hourly rates average $25USD/hr depending on how quickly a client needs work done.

Pay comes from what the client gives me, and I collect after the client has given final approval based on previews.

If a client isn't satisfied and walks away, we don't get paid. (That has never actually happened due to build quality.)

If a project is abandoned by a client, Faux, Ink. retains redistribution rights and you will receive a percentage of sales from it.


I'm looking for people who can do full-body rigging, are regularly available, and willing to sit down and do a job within 48 hours of accepting it. If you've got your own things going on, that's fine, I'd like to make the acquaintance of several riggers so a project isn't sunk if one person is busy.


If you're interested, send a notecard to Fauxglove Silverweb, and a no-perm sample of full-body clothing you've rigged.

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