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Rivernaut Piers

How does one switch in and out of IM without clicking?


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In the SL Viewer in Preferences (Ctrl-P)->General is a setting: Pressing letter keys…

You can set this to move the cursor/focus to the chat field of local chat when a letter key is pressed. I use WASD to move my avatar, so I don’t use that feature.

In Preferences->Move & View is a setting: Keyboard…

You can set the arrow keys to always move the avatar. Otherwise they move the cursor if it is in the chat field.

Third party viewers like Firestorm have other options that allow much nicer in & out functionality for chat. One can set chat to exit and enter chat when the return key is pressed. I think this is ideal for combat RPG’s in SL.

The SL Viewer will place the cursor in local chat when you press the Enter/Return key. But, an ending press it will not move it out of chat.

Adeon’s suggestion is the best for the SL Viewer. If you have a group window open Ctrl-T will move you in an out of that window and place the cursor in the chat field. I find it still too cumbersome for combat play. The Firestorm Viewer has better options.

It is possible to build gestures and control some parts of the viewer. Look up Second Life Keyboard Shortcuts.

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