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Simple standing animations that don't invole bizarre movements and pacing around in circles?

Chriss Daysleeper
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I'm making a female AO with the Power AO from Akeyo, and I'm satisfied with everything I've added so far besides the standing animations. I can't seem to find any that I truely like, and it's bugging me! Most of the standing animations are really active, and have heavy movement, but I'm looking for animations that are more subtle.

I may consider just using static poses as a last resort, but firstly, I'd like to ask if any of you guys know some places that may be worth checking out? I've really only tried Tuty's, Oracul, Vista and Akeyo. Though the mainstore for Akeyo seems to have disappeared, so I haven't checked recently.




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Shop for places that specifically note 'Motion Capture' - this way what movement there is will be a lot less likely to be 'anime inspired' and a lot more likely to be some movement an actual human body could do, and would not complain TOO MUCH to the director when asked to contort into... :)

Quite often putting together a decent AO means buying 5 poses from 17 different shops... :) With most of them ending up in the folder for 'stuff I'd trash if I hadn't spent money on, so I'll pretend I wasn't foolish and hold on to them over here...'

I've also got a few animations I could use replacing... So I'll have to take this advice also (my avatar is a Neko though, so I needed some animations that were cat-like, and these can be a little too anime...).


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