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Maxx Mistwalker

Shi Studio Looking for Motivated, Experienced Photographer/Graphic artist

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Shi Studio Looking for Motivated, Experienced Photographer/Graphic artist 

Shi Studio has 3+ years of experience and has made a name for itself by hiring only the best and brightest photographers. We are in search of a photographer who is interested in working for the best of the best. 

We offer all types of photos, ranging from simple no edit profile photos, to full graphics and morph shots. 

Our photographers must be motivated, creative and hard working. Must be a people person, be familiar with Photoshop or equated graphics editing software. Must have availability, we don't expect you to be in the studio 24/7 or out advertising services all hours, but we do expect someone who is willing to be online for a bit of time each day, and be willing to do shoots or meet with clients on a moment's notice. Life in SL is fast paced, so we have to be faster to stay ahead of the competition. 

Please come by the studio and grab an application from the sign on the wall behind the reception desk, fill it out in its entirety and drop it to Maxx Mistwalker.

If you have any questions please contact Maxx Mistwalker by NC as IMs get capped...or email @ maxxmistwalker@hotmail.com


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dear mr/mrs/miss

my name is waylynn rossouw im new to seconlife but im not new to edit and graphic artwork im looking for work as a graphic designer im a fast and hard worker 

im not always for secondlife due to im still college for graphic desinger , this job will help me to in proving my style of art  im from south africa and my time zone GMT+2 


the programs i use to edit or redraw my draw is:

adobe sketch 

sketch book 

medi bang 

corel painter essentials 6 

corel painter 2019 

im open to styles and im not limed to one style of artwork im hope i impress as this is mt first time looking for a job on second life 

thnx from ur friendly friend


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