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Building viewer-hmd viewer

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I am assuming you have seen: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Compiling_the_viewer

That page was last updated in Sept 2013. There have been a LOT of changes since then. Check Oz Linden’s page for more update to date information. Also, he leads an open source meeting on Monday mornings at 7AM SL Time. You can make contact there and find people that can help.

The new Build Tools Update Viewer in the alternate viewer page is representative of the direction the Lab is going with viewer compilation. See release notes. There is a bit more info in the SL Wiki but it is hard to find. A search yields this.

Probably the absolute best source of information on various resources that can help you is Whirly Fizzel. You can usually find her at the Server-Scripting UG on Tuesday and the Server Beta UG on Thursday. See Second Life User Groups.

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