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NytStalker wrote:

this person is called DANLINDEN Resident  claims to be Dan Linden, i get sick of fakes in this game, See that the right people see this and bann his butt from sl


Thank You for your time



I see you use uTorrent.

I hope you are paying royalties for all the stolen downloaded material you are getting.

Otherwise someone will ban your butt.


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Posting this here will most probably accomplish nothing.  You really should've ARed this person as soon as you saw them, as impersonating a Linden is a big no-no.  A friend of mine once got banned because she jokingly set her display name to something which included "Iinden", wherein the first letter was a capital "i".  I can assure you that the powers that be will not take kindly to this person's user name, but they must be notified about it first.  While there is an off chance that an actual Linden might see this thread, an AR would be much more effective.


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This guy was taking advantage of the fact that a lowercase "L" looks like an uppercase "i" in Arial font. His name was not DANLINDEN Resident, but DANLlNDEN Resident (danllnden in lowercase). And of course, in Arial font, DANLINDEN looks just like DANLlNDEN. If there is still a Linden filter for new resident names, it would not have caught this guy.

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