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If you are a DJ or have Radio Presentation experience we want you. DJ's with an eclectic taste of music are preferred, and experience is a must. DJ's must provide their own software and have the knowledge on using it. This position is paid by the hour. If interested please contact naterz Toocool! We are also looking to staff other positions to help support our radio station and create the best experience we can. The following positions are currently open and excepting resume's. *DJ Manager* The DJ Manager is responsible for the appearance, attendance, training, scheduling, efficiency, and overall supervision of DJ's at the station. Their duties include but are not limited to, Scheduling DJ's, Training DJ's on stream operation and timeclock use, finding show covers, etc. Experience is preferred for consideration in any of these positions. Please send your resume's to JayNighthammer Resident , or Naterz Toocool and if your qualifications meet our criteria, they will schedule an interview with you. As we go forth with this project, more staff positions will open based on the station's need for them. So keep checking back and stay tuned!



JayNighthammer Resident or Naterz Toocool for more information!


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