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Lessa Joubert

Windlight Presets

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So I'm an Oldbie who's been out of SL for a while and am now coming back in. Long ago, I used Analu's windlight presets to make things look decent. Now I can't find them anywhere and am driving myself crazy downloading everyone else's presets and not getting anything I like. Does anyone know where I can get Analu's settings or something that would look similar? Thank you all in advance!

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It seems AnaLu's presets are not available either for download or inworld anymore.

However, here's a picture of her studio 7 settings which you may reproduce (i don't know if this is the one you are looking for):


If you use Firestorm viewer, several AnaLu settings are included in the windlights:

  1. AnaLu - outdoor city
  2. AnaLu - outdoor night
  3. AnaLu *studio* 5
  4. AnaLutetia - AvatarOpt
  5. AnaLutetia-outdoor2
  6. AnaLutetia-studio
  1. [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah)
  2. [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) whiter
  3. [AnaLu] default1
  4. [AnaLu] default2
  5. [AnaLu] default3
  6. [AnaLu] neutral
  7. [AnaLu] outdoor city
  8. [AnaLu] outdoor city weirdlights
  9. [AnaLu] outdoor night
  10. [AnaLu] shadows
  11. [AnaLu] Studio Light (Gillian)
  12. [AnaLu] studio1
  13. [AnaLu] studio2
  14. [AnaLu] studio3
  15. [AnaLu] studio4
  16. [AnaLu] studio5
  17. [AnaLu] studio6
  18. [AnaLu] studio7
  19. [AnaLu] studio8
  20. [AnaLu] studio9
    1. AnaLu - outdoor city night
    2. Ordered List ItemAnaLutet - ia - AvatarOpt(2)
    3. AnaLutetia - AvatarOpt2 whiter
    4. AnaLutetia - outdoor
    5. AnaLutetia - Studio Light
    6. AnaLutetia - STUDIO2
    7. AnaLutetia - STUDIO3
    8. AnaLutetia-default
    9. AnaLutetia-outdoor2(2)
    10. AnaLutetia



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You can also copy and paste windlight xml files from one viewer to another.

For Firestorm 64 bit find the Analu xml file you want in C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Releasex64\app_settings\windlight\skies

Copy it and paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer\app_settings\windlight\skies



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