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How to use llReturnObjectsByOwner

Life Camino
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I'm working on a security relay and I want to be able to both ban an avatar and return their objects in the same step.   There are no examples provided for the command, so I was wondering if someone could tell me how this command should be used for my purposes.  

The security relay is to be deeded to a group on group owned land, so I need the relay to always have the permissions it needs without having to ask every time.  And, once the relay is deeded to a group, I need to be able to reset the script and grant permissions.


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You'll probably get a more complete answer with an example and all, but in case you're stuck waiting for help: It's pretty simple in principle, the main tricky bit is that at state_entry, the script has no inherent way of knowing who reset it, so you have to figure out a way for it to know of whom to request permissions. One way would be to do nothing and have a separate "activation" action -- perhaps touching the object -- and then using the activating agent's key to request perms.

Or, if you're the only one who should be able to grant it permissions, it might have your own key hard-coded. Or have a list of authorized permission-granters, and match that list against llGetAgentList() for the region. 

You will want it to establish permissions as soon as it's reset, not wait until it throws a permissions error, because then it would be too late to find anybody around from which to request perms.

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