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Are there free photography classes in SL?


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LOL TY I did a search too....did not get the answers I was looking for. Some said photography with class....and others are very basic. I have had photography as a hobby for many years. I was hoping for more advanced help...hints and editing help.

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There are many blogs writers who have written about photography and have video and pictoorial tutorial, which you can follow at your own pace. I had written 2 of such, you may want to look at it. http://4m-my-eyes.blogspot.in/2013/10/how-to-get-reasonably-good-shot.html and http://4m-my-eyes.blogspot.in/2014/04/inspiring-you-part-ii.html

Apart from the above, I have personally learned from the following links 





There are three important broad components while taking pictures in second life.

First, To have a knowledge of the shortcut keys as they are very handy and useful and one can be quick while taking pictures.

Second, To know the concept of using Windlight Settings. It helps in setting the right mood to the picture. Plus, it has to much prospect to play with them.

Third, To know at least the basics of Photoshop or Gimp(free software and almost same controls as Photoshop). If this is too much to take in, start with editing on online picture editing softwares like Picmonkey.com Pixlr.com or Picasa. There are many available on internet. Editing a picture, helps in redetailing the little pixels. 

Few tips,

Look into the shadows that are formed in real life.

When the weather changes, look at how the other natural things change colors. 

Try to bring your emotions of real life in your sl pictures. 

Don't stop trying


Hope this helps.

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