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Okay so I'm creating a Free Residence "Safe Place" on my sim where I will be allowing either 8 - 16 people stay for free.

Option 1: 

8 buildings, two people per build.
Within the build, a new player and an experienced player will live, thus forcing interaction so there is always a reason to meet and greet.

Experienced player will have to spend at least 2 hrs  (per week MINIMUM) with their room-mate in exchange for their stay for free (since most people who have been around CAN afford cheapy rent).

New player will have to be around the sim at least twice a week in order to keep their spot (i.e. weekends if they have a job or schooling) and will have to be willing to learn about SL and explore.

Option 2:

Stick 16 new players (2 per building) and they will have to do team exercises where it will be mandatory to explore and learn about SL with a partner (does not ness. have to be their roomy) in order to keep their spot.





Other stuffs:

Builds are not very big, it's not meant to be stuck inside of all the time while the players are online. I am considering doing small skyboxes for unpacking and dressing for each player (16 in total).

*will add more as the brutal opinions come in. 



Shown below is the actual building. There will be a main building for TV and all together-ness type stuff.Snapshot_002.jpg

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lotusmortality wrote:

forcing interaction
so there is always a reason to meet and greet.

...Experienced player will
have to spend at least 2 hrs

New player will
have to be around the sim at least twice a week
....and will
have to
be willing to learn about SL and explore.


... they will
have to do team exercises where it will be mandatory
to explore and learn about SL with a partner


If you have to force people to interact, learn, and explore, there's something seriously wrong with your vision of SL.

Sounds like a gulag. 

I suggest you reverse your idea.  Instead of having rules, and forced social meddling...just provide a nice place for people to crash.  Provide a central giver box with notecards that have landmarks for cool places to explore.   Have a group where you do weekly notices that share learning and exploration ideas.  Let newbies, and oldbies, learn and explore at their own pace, and interest level.  

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If you're roaming SL with no mission, no vision, no fun, no friends or any form of "real" interaction/connection with other users for months / years - this would be the best idea to get involved in.

I applaud it and would be interested (experienced) but i'm not on much these days

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It's actually not a bad idea. I've seen similar things over the years. It needs to be worked on and fleshed out a bit more, though. I think option #1 is better for the start and then parts of option #2 would kick in after a specified period. Experienced members would be mentors. Roommates could be an option for a larger dwelling. Start people off in a smaller, better desiged studio house or apartment just for themselves.

Like I said, nice idea, needs to be worked out completely.

Just some added thoughts here; I don't care for the building shown for a lot of reasons. Glass houses are annoying (to me) as are houses with too many large windows (e.g. Linden Homes). They provide too much movement and design activity within an avatars field of vision. Unless you are providing drapes or a tinting solution, not a great idea for any amount of privacy or for an uncluttered view.

So, anyway. Good luck with your idea! Hope it works out and benefits new users and old alike. :)



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This is quite a nice idea! You should maybe do something a bit more, I don't know, creative with the buildings. Give a good base that actually looks like a home, and let each pair of people decide how to decorate. It honestly looks like project housing right now. If course I mean no offence.

Sharing of resources like this can work out, but only if you let people have a bit of autonomy with decision making. Community managment has an ebb and flow to it!

I do somthing similar on my own land, let various friends and family from my RL live on it for free. In my opinion it works out as good as it does because each building looks very different so peoples basic secondlife needs are met without being swallowed up and unable to express themselves. Good luck though, I hope it works out.

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Personally, I actually like the idea. It's not as if anyone is going to be "forced" to live there. The only ones who would choose to live there are those interested in following whatever rules are set forth. Running a place that allows people to live there, essentially for free, is not easy. Aside from the money issues, you have every other issue a typical landlord/land owner would as well. I see nothing at all wrong with expecting some give back from your residents. You are, after all, providing them a free service, free place to call home.

I don't see it as someone who has control issues, or someone who wants to control others. People are free to choose to live there, or not, noe one HAS to live there. However, if they choose to live there, I see nothing wrong with a bit of a co-op, for lack of better terminology. Requesting that the people be around for social events X amount of time a month, week, whatever. Requesting that residents help one another, guide one another, and generally interact in what would be considered a community, is also not a bad thing.

If people want more freedom, more choice, they have those options too. Odds are, though, those options are going to cost them. 

I had something similar a few years ago. I had an entire sim that was dedicated to giving people not only free housing, but places to learn, interact with others, have community events. I had requirements that stated every resident needed to earn their keep. For us, it meant that everyone needed to participate in one or more events a month(usually just being present for the event was more than adequate), had to log in at least once a week unless they let me know they wouldn't be able to(which happened now and again), and generally had to help others around them. Not a single complaint was had, from anyone. People enjoyed the space, enjoyed having a place to call home, modest as it may have been, and generally enjoyed the company of others. In a few instances we had people go MIA without notice(either not logging in, or not participating in the rules). I didn't force them out, lock them out, etc.. I simply waited what I consider ample amount of time, before opening up their particular allotment to others. For me, one month of not logging in at all, is adequate. In all but one of the cases, the people simply had moved on. The one case I mentione,d the person had become ill, and came back to sl after two months. She got her home right back the way she left it, was grateful to have the space, and continued on doing what everyone else was doing.

The only people that lived there, were those who CHOSE to live there, and knew the rules BEFORE moving in. If they had a problem with them, they wouldn't have come. But, if anyone did, later, have a problem, I would have handled it accordingly, like discussing why they had a problem with the rules, and why they felt they couldn't comply.

It's not rocket science people...but it IS still a gift to others. I never asked for donations, never accepted money from others. We worked as a community, and it worked out quite nicely. When it no longer became financially feasible for me to continue, I gave everyone ample notice that, sadly, the land was going to have to go. Sure, it was a sad day, but, still, no one complained. The way it was set up, allowed for people to take time to earn whatever money, in whatever manner they so chose, so that they could then venture out into the world and find a place of their own. We had a LOT who came for only a week, or two, quite a few that stayed for a 2-4 months, and some who were long-time residents. It truly was a pleasant experience, and if you've never lived in such a cooperative community setting, I would find it completely reasonable that you wouldn't understand how they work and might, perhaps, see it as someone who just wants to control others. While there may be some who do...others, and liekly the majority,  just enjoy providing such things for others, and the sense of communityt hat can arise from these kinds of situations.

Maybe stop assuming everyone has ulterior motives in life, and you might just find benefit to a cooperative community. If not, well, that's just your opinion, and I can agree to disagree. I have lived in, managed, and even run, these kinds of communities myself. The positives have always outweighed the negatives. Others providing free residence to people has been happening since the beginning. Aside from the financial aspects, one of the reasons you'll find less and less of these kinds of communities is because of the stigma they seem to carry(well, the owners, management, whatever.. of them seem to carry). it's not a power trip, in the least. Unless you think anyone who provides a service for others that may come with requirements is always a power trip.

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