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[Fix] Unable to Load SL. (Crash at VFS)

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My game crashs at VFS. I DISABLED VFS but it still wants to load it...


Found Solution:
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Note: SL Uninstall Doesn't clean up properly. Back the the drawing board! After Deleteing EVERY SINGLE FILE related to SL, Its all fixed but for how long? Once I close my game is it going to give me the same problem over and over again? If so, I hope the SL team are working on a fix as I write this. If not, you're falling behind.
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What I did to fix the Initializing VFS hang that causes SL to stop responding. (Windows Fix)


Unistall Viewer 2 -> Search Files/folders for the folder named AppData -> Enter that folder and find all folders named Second Life -> Delete ONLY THOSE FOLDERS -> Reinstall Viewer 2 -> Resume time sink.

This worked for me and may or may not work for anyone else, but I don't see why it wouldn't. 

Also, Viewer 1.2xx works fine while viewer 2 has the VFS issue.

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