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The skin/shape thread

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Mostly I keep my shape and skin the same. Very comfortable with my avatar and it is definitely a dream/fantasy design. I've just changed skin for the first time in months as I finally found a decent tiger-neko skin. Only changes I make to my shape are whether or not I'm pregnant at the time. And I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a set of custom shapes for multiple births? I've made a nice set of normal pregnancy shapes but not sure how to alter them for multiples. Not even sure if this is the correct place to ask but it was the only discussion of shape that I could find.

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Yes the picture was just put in another thread yesterday, but its the best one I have for this thread's subject:


My skin's been a constant since a few months before making this account in 2009 - my old account dating to 2006 but never having been used much until 2009.

My shape has been a near constant. I've made some minor tweaks to the face in 2010 after noticing flaws when zooming in or when certain expressions showed up in my AO. The body underwent a change just last month to tighten up my behind and improve my curves. I halved my hip length, and make the legs and torso longer, and kept butt size down while tweaking saddle bags until I had a natural curve.

My AO's been a constant since I'd read its name in a blog: Life is Meow. Had to get that once I'd seen that name, and it turned out to fit me really well.

I've had the eyes, fangs amd whiskers since 2009 - and they only go off when I make a wardrobe mistake.

I went to dreadlocks in my hair last year - but at first only in furry form. Took me a while to find the dreadlocks that would work right with my head shape - even though in the end they were from the same maker as they ones I wore as a furry. All the hairs I've always used in SL have had a reddish brown tone.

My neko parts shifted brand earlier this year - from what I had been on since 2009.


Of course all of this changes when I go into furry form - though my body shape for that is still nearly the same as my neko form.


I change clothes constantly. Often in mid conversation with people.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3418 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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