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West Atoll ROW (Right of Way) SLRR

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My thoughts are this: I'm a big fan of railroads and have always supported them but some of them are ugly and destroy property value, then I don't support them.

I supported the WARR, sold land to its builders, rented land to them so that they could have thoroughfare, and for my trouble, they built this hugely ugly high-rise rail by the pond on Grote, obliterating the view of the skyline and pond for years. There was no reason for this except "just because". For the sake of giving a fleeting view of a nice pond to the once-a-week passengers, we had to have our view ruined forever 24/7.

Then WARR abandoned his land due to RL issues and Linden seized it. Except then LL sold the chunk of it that was in Juanita. It went up on the auction to our horror, and someone bought it and flipped it, so that I had to pay a major price to "buy back my view" again, which had been relieved of WARR at least for some time.

Then, the Lindens refused to sell the land in Grote adjacent to this land in Juanita, and just left it fallow. I asked now and then if they changed their mind, and asked what the plan was to now link up WARR, should they revive it.

Now all of a sudden I learn accidentally not from the Lindens but from a short-lived and belligerent tenant and Linden fanboy who first rented my land, then asked if I would sell it for the railroad station then refunded in fury when I said I wasn't happy with WARR and they didn't seem to grasp that this was *my land* they were making plans for.

I do wonder what the plan is, and I've written to Michael Linden.

Hopefully it will be kept low.

But what, I'm supposed to give up a park I've had now for a year for which I paid a bundle?


Michael could narrow the already-narrow cobblestone road and build along the shoulder, or make some sort of ugly highrise bridge agagin to cross over to abandoned land that could be used.

Frankly, if I have to chose between an ugly high-rise bridge again and ceding my land by swapping it for equivalent abandoned land, that might work, but then I'd want to be left with a chunk for my overlook park. Even if they solve the problem with my land, they'll have to deal with the person who bought land they ALSO sold in Sikkima -- or build another ugly high rise again.



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It's not "inarguable".

The Lindens SOLD BIG CHUNKS OF IT, which is the BIGGEST argument against it.

Railroads are not used as much as roads. Not by a long shot. There is a lot of romanticism and big content creator ego attached to railroads in SL, but the reality is -- as someone who has long own properties at multiple railroad locations -- only unmanned vehicles use them for the most part.

Not real people.

I myself occasionally ride them and find no one; and while I have a free train available at one location, people use it on a resident-built railroad there, not on the SLRR near a parcel I have at another location. Funny, that.

The scourge of Second Life routes is now gone, but there are still lesser scourges who keep sending unmanned vehicles on roads and rails, heedless of whether the vehicle even "fits" the route they are on, i.e. buses go on the water, boats go on the rails. It's hugely annoying and drives away REAL usage. The Lindens need to eliminate this completely.


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Baloney. That's your subjective opinion.


o a tiny cabal of Linden fanboyz and rail fanboyz who don't own land get to take over the Mainland via rail 

o some railroad content makers get to profit

o a very, very few ordinary residents who enjoy trains get to ride now and then (which they can ALREADY do on the SLRR and other resident rails -- I own the land under one of those resident rails).


o Yet another railroad blights the view

o Property values are reduced

o Unmanned vehicles increase and lag sims and crash up in piles

o These unmanned vehicles also blight the view especially because they are out of context, i.e. boats on the railroad, jets on the road, cars on the water.

This habit of a very few deciding what "the public interest" is in Second Life merely because they rule the forums or have the ear of the Lindens is a very, very old story in Second Life.

But the people who own land and pay tier and pay the Lindens' bills should be consulted, not the hobo yakkers on the forums.

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There are some very old RR track stubs left from years and years ago.

There are some stray ***unconnected ***  pieces of Linden's own right-of-way [ROW].

There are fairly ***recently*** auctioned off pieces of the ROW.

Linden obviously decided to take the tier and abandon the RR plan.

Unless LL decides to take and pay for the whole line SLRR near Grote  ain't gonna happen.

And why would they want a RR now ?

I was and am near the old WARR-- some track ran over untiered land . And private land without permission.

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher , railroads run great until you run out of other people's land and tier.

There seems to be a never ending collection of people who want to get a RR on someone else's dime.

Make a RR of your own here [buy ALL the land]   ;  or plan a Sansar experience .  But that  LL tiered SLcaboose is over the horizon in my opinion.

Back to the dining car now for a sassparilla.

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Because it's not a public service? The public did not ask for it. A few train fans did.

This idea that there is this vast public that loves railroads is all out of touch with reality. Or that there people just bursting to buy land next to railroads.

o The Mainland is a fraction of SL -- there are something like 5,000 user sims and 5,000 Governor Mainland sims, whereas there are some 25,000 private islands

o The main use of the railroads is by these unmanned vehicles. They are a HUGE nuisance to landowners. They blight the view, lag the sim, and pile up in crashes.

You need to drop your notions of playing railroad here with other people's land and views. Buy some private islands and build them there.

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This map lets me know just how out of touch with reality you are -- and just how abusive you are of other people who OWN LAND in the way of your dreams.

You would outrageously route a railroad over a corner of a pond "just because it needs to come through".

Though people live here, they own land here, and they enjoy the pond and activities and don't need a railroad in their face.

Outrageous, this planning for big socialist Soviet-style projects with other people's land.

Your "former WARR" route is completely wrong. It never went on that route -- and no train ever should go on that route. It hugged the road and went along the roadside and did not come down near the pond -- it had the huge highrise above the pond on one parcel.

Linden Lab SOLD this land and it is now MY LAND. Other parcels are now OTHER PEOPLE's LAND. 

Your plan is to reduce the size of the already-narrow cobblestone road. But real people in cars and on horses uses this road. Why should they no longer fit their vehicles? I have three tenants in Grote, one with an RV and two with cars that like to drive along this road. What, now they can't fit? 

I see Michael Linden -- at the screeching behest of forums-dwellers -- decided to start this project right in my face. I am drawing my own conclusions from that.

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Would you stop idly making plans for OTHER PEOPLE'S SIMS? Ask them to put the railroad through YOUR rentals, please.

We already had "above the road." It was a hideous blight on the view and the builder refused to move it despite me giving/renting him land on Slosser for another branch of his RR. Awful.

I can't find a picture of it now, but it was damned stupid.

How many of you in this thread own more than 512 or 4096 of land? Raise your hand.

How many of you *support railroads actually on your land*, raise your hand.


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gees whats with the attacks on me from this guy? all i asked is if he was willing to sell 1 parcel, that was it, i then got a refund after this guy kept going on at me about the warr as if its my fault and i just cant deal with people like that.

All i wanted to do was put a nice train station from the market place at the first turn in grote and this guy loses it on me then bans me from ALL of his parcels, like wtf?

THEN when i tried to talk to him about the issue he rages some more WHICH i have copy and saved to a notecard for all to see if they want, just IM me.

But because of Mr. Neva i will be filing a abuse report now against him, his verbal abuse towards me actually makes me want to leave SL again.

I'm trying to me a better me, a more mature and calm adult and this guy has made me feel like garbage. Like im a worthless human being.

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If this ends up being something like the old WARR, that's great, but I've watched how difficult it can be to obtain rights-of-way through much smaller private parcels elsewhere on the SLRR, so I'm not holding my breath for anything that elaborate. Let's just see what magic Michael and the Moles are able to work, and enjoy what they're able to achieve.

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dude theres like plenty of room for 1 track to get to the road next to your parcel and if you really do love trains and are willing to give up, it can be just like afew square meters for the warr to get up to the road and the track can then convert to LRT like i tried to explain to you in IM while you were raging at me as if all of this is my fault.

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When you can't get your way by reason, you use threats and disparagement of people's reputation, right? Despicable.

Of course it's your fault as you and your alts belong to a little claque of noise-makers on the forum demanding that the Lindens put back something that A RESIDENT abandoned. And for all we know, among you are his alts, agitating to get the Lindens to tier and maintain what he couldn't manage to. But there are plenty of train tracks ALREADY

I don't wish to have "a little strip of my land" used for a railroad at the top of my properties through what is now a park, destroying the view, full stop.

And PS, none of my neighbors who own property along that route want a railroad either, hello.

That's because we LIVE HERE and don't just "ride through" here. Most of the activity on these RRs is UNMANNED VEHICLES sent over them due to the vast geeky egos of your little friends. These UVs stall, lag sims (indeed they do, so don't start in with fake discussions about low-lag scripts), and then sometimes crash and pile up. They don't fit in theme, so that jets go along the railroad, or buses or boats, like their trains go on the water. It's a constant, steady annoyance all day long. 

No one needs a "ride" from these nuisances because at train stations, including one near a resident railroad I support, and another near the SLRR which I support, can use free trains there. Or buy them from you and your little friends, which is what this is all about.

I don't need anyone to "plan things" for MY land like "little strips". There isn't any "rage" here. There is a firm, persistent pushback to "your plans" for MY land.

What's particularly despicable is renting land, then badgering the owner to sell it. You've done this twice now. You've now been abuse reported multiple times for your threats on alts as well.

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This is a lie, as you've done it twice now, I have the records, you also did it in Tuliptree. Short memory.

None of us who own property in Grote have asked for this train station and WE LIVE HERE. YOU DON'T. You don't even own property, most of you, and what you do own you turn into hobo camps that soon fester with script eaters and griefers.

Copying chat and distributing it inworld is against the TOS.

You've had multiple reports filed on yourself and your alts, get a life.

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Why don't YOU move to an island and build your railroad there? Oh, that would cost money and in your hobo way of life, you don't have that. You want other people to tier your game. I see.

Oh, and you want a place where everyone can see your fabulous project across many sims and gratify your ego. I see.

Well, I'm not here to help tier the view for your ego.

There is nothing VITAL about the WARR. IT'S OWNER ABANDONED IT, THAT'S HOW VITAL IT IS. All that's happening now is that he/his alts/his claque are hammering on the Lindens to rebuild it. No railroad is needed in a virtual world. Goods do not need to be transported; they magically come out of your hand or from the MP. No one "needs" to be transported. They can fly. Railroads exist merely to gratify the egos of their builders, to sell content, and for rides by a tiny, tiny portion of the population.

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