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Looking for someone to start off as friends, maybe more.

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My name is Rosa 

 ~Apologies for any mispellings, or missing 'h' letters, my keyboard is a wee bit broken♥~

Im looking for a male to start out as friends, someone I can go dancing with and gradually get to know better. I don't ask for much, but Id rather not have someone whom is less than 30 days old, (Alts count). Yes I know I've posted before but I believe I need to put more out there, personality and likes/dislikes wise.


Im more of a laidback, sweet and shy person, however I do come out of my shell fairly easy. I tend to be quiet, and don't really pay attention to local chats. I am a woman of many talents, photographer, former escort/ dancer, hostess, dj in training, security, designer, artist..... the list goes on and on. My friends tell me I can be melodramatic and a turd sometimes. But mostly they say im completely adorable and loveable. As my profile says, I am a sweet girl, I have my reserves. I am shy at first, but do come out of my shell. However, don't mistake this for weakness. I can be blunt and straight forward. If I have a point, I make it. 


I am a female, voice verified, 20. I Do have very conflicting styles, *one day I may be cinderella and one day I may be Goth overlord :P*


I don't plan on taking a relationship as far as a rl meet. (You could be an axe murderer for all i know .I have  very many RL ties. However you can have my number and skype. I must mention I don't voice less I know you well enough, some days I don't feel like voicing at all.

Age limits to exist, I will not date younger than 19, nor older than 40, 35 is an extreme stretch for me, I would honestly prefer if you were under 35. However If the right person comes along, I wont complain.

 I am not looking for someone who is "Mr moneybags" I am looking for happiness.


I am not looking for someone to have multiple one night stands with.

English is my primary language, and I am currently on everyday after 2PM slt, and am in the eastern time zone (SLT+3)


~WOW, sorry that was long~


What Im looking for

Someone who is generally kind, sweet, trustworthy, somewhat dominant, not overly sexual, no 'noobs', take pride in you ava, ect ect.


Not Looking for:

Trolls, one night stands, douchebags, the generic second life "F**kboy"


I am N1ch013 Avon on SL, feel free to send me an IM. Even if you think I've gotten a response




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N1CH013 Avon wrote:

I do understand where you're coming from, but if you do look at it, someone (lets say 50), most likely wont have the same taste as someone whose 20, or possibly even 30. 


However, everyone does things differently I suppose <3

Sadly, you are limiting the possibilites of finding the perfect person for you in SL.

To each their own.

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She does state, though, that “if the right person comes along, she won’t complain”… which I take as an implicit admission that she may be wrong and perfectly capable of hitting it with someone outside that age bracket.


And this is SL, after all, so an older guy could come along pretending to be younger but otherwise proving to be just right for her; the age thing would be easy enough to conceal (unless she demanded something like videoconference verification, which she isn’t in a position to, as she herself reserves the right to do Skype stuff only at her own pleasure). Of course, she’d eventually find out anyway, or he’d tell her, and she would resent the lie… and rightly so; but then again, he could tell her he resented her age requirements as irrational and possibly even prejudiced… and he’d be right, too, especially since his own existence and the success of their relationship so far would be proof that she had been wrong to refuse older people in the first place.


And at that point I guess that, if both were mature enough, they’d forgive each other their mutual mistakes and get along just fine :smileyvery-happy:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2477 days.

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