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HOHMC Rally in the Valley "2" Pre-Registration

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HoHMC  Rally in the Valley "2" Truck Space Rental Information

Early registration officially opened today, February 15th, 2015.

Truck Area - 300L$ - 100 prims


* One Rental per MC //\\ One MC per Rental

PRE-REGISTRATION SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hardana/116/115/2501
(Rental Boxes Location)

Setup - Sunday 3/22/2015 Starting @ Noon SLT
Rally   - Thursday 3/27/2015 to Sunday 3/29/2015 (4 days)

The sim we are on now is not the Rally sim.  
We will have a full sim available for setup  Sunday 3/22/2015 Starting @ Noon SLT

You are welcome to reserve your rental space early, assuring you get a choice location! Last year 95% of our spaces were rented within 3 days of early registration date.

Just PAY the rental prim and your spot will be reserved.

The sim layout as you see it now will be moved to the Rally sim on 3/22/2014 with all the rental boxes so you can just simply come by and setup. This is just the layout. The actual builds, roads and levels are not present until 3/22/2015.

OR..  if you prefer you can wait until Sunday 3/22/15 @ Noon when the rally sim is fully set up, to select your rental space from what is left after the early rentals. if no spaces are left, contact Karra Babii (Raven) to be added to the wait list.  Wait list assignments will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

You will need to join the Rally Land Group to set down prims.  

For Group Invite or More Information :
IM - Karra Babii  *  Sheme Navarita * Mairead Fitzgerald * Queeny Rose * Kitty Paisley

RENTAL RULES - MUST READ (same rules we had last year)

Please use only the alloted number of prims we will be monitoring
this and returning any overage.  If you need more prims these
will only be available after the Rally is completely setup and
only "if" we have extra prims.  Sold in lots of 25prims for 100L.

We will also be monitoring script use on rental spots.
No one item may be running script use of more than .05ms

One animated texture (not including fire pit) is allowed.

One rotating prim is allowed.

No part of any prims may be higher than 15 meters.

Scripted motorcycles must be picked up.  If you want cycles on display, they must be fully de-scripted.

Riding your motorcycle on the SIM is encouraged.

No gaming tables.  we will provide Greedy Greedy table(s) as required in the saloon.

No external music sources.  Music will be provided SIM wide.

Voice is enabled.  Voice will be disabled during music performances.

SCRIPT USE BY ATTENDEES is expected to respectful of your surroundings and fellow biker enthusiasts.  3 megs of memory/ 100 scripts  use maximum or you will be asked and/or sent home where you can remove heavily scripted items before returning.   Please remove xcite, rlv, combat HUDS as they are not needed at the rally.  Older style flexi hair and collars are usually the biggest source of of avatar lag.  Please de- script them.

Disagreements - Tempers can flare for whatever reason.  YOU are expected to be an adult and if the matter cannot be sensibly resolved, contact Kitty Paisley, SAA (if unavailable, any HOH Officer). Please concisely send dispute info to her in IM.  Paste relevant text conversations, etc.  

Rally Sim
LM      - TBA

Our Sim
SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hardana/102/144/25

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2409 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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