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Updated Viewer-Managed Marketplace Project Viewer

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An updated Viewer-Managed Marketplace (VMM) project viewer* is now available. See the Release notes for full details. Here is a summary of what has changed:

  • When moving a folder or item to the Marketplace Listings folder, the user is warned that this is a move, not a copy. In order to support copy, “Copy to Marketplace Listings” has been added to the inventory context menu.
  • Added a drop zone to the bottom of the Marketplace Listings folder.
  • Added support for filtering by Listing folder to make it easier to search large number of listings.
  • When creating a listing, if there is only one version folder, that version folder is automatically activated. If there is more than one version folder the user is alerted to activate one.
  • Improved “Check for errors” functionality to only show errors as well as supporting “Check for errors” on a single listing.
  • Error message improvements overall.
  • Removed the ability to “Unassociate Listing” which puts the listing in an unrecoverable state on the Marketplace.
  • Performance improvements to prevent viewer freeze when the Marketplace Listings floater is first opened.

We have not addressed all items. Here is a list of JIRAs which are still open:

  • VMM-20 Include product listing ID in audit listings window results
  • VMM-18 Add "sort by age of listing creation"
  • VMM-17 Support listing folders at any level of Marketplace Listings folder

Please let us know of new suggestions or issues by filing a VMM JIRA.

* To learn more about Viewer-Managed Marketplace, please see the VMM FAQ.


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I can't see any improvement in this new system . And I would like to know if it mean that the old system already is out. I am trying to load my merchant box since last night and it just don't load. If i have no choice to stay at old system it mean that I will have to change my whole store in time to sell something at Valentines Day? I am trying to understand it better but the more I read the worse it seems.

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Can you please ask Jeremy Linden to update the Knowledge Base artical to refelct the changes you have listed here ... his last update was 12-05-2014.... Also some pictures of the Invntory windows and folders and other changes would be nice :) 

I beleive that would be helpfull for merchants to use to beta test the changes. 

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I got to play around with it for a few minutes. I like where it's headed but it seems like there's some room for improvement. I sort of feel like it'd be nice to have the option the in "MARKETPLACE LISTINGS" window to create a new folder. It seems you want to keep more than one copy of a build on hand, so I want to move a copy of the item to my marketplace listings. If I could make folders, I could paste other things into that folder.

I'll probably make a JIRA soon. I'm still really impressed with the performance of sending items to the website.

It might be a good idea to update the merchant log in page on the marketplace website after you log in to see your store. I don't have any analytics data (obviously) but I would assume that gets more traffic than the merchant forums. At least, if you're still looking for feedback.

Will you have a public beta of an importer tool from the old system? Or is it all going to be done on your end?

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