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I need help with my inventory...

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So, today I decided to log in. The past couple of days before logging in today, thing's have been fine. Nothing to report to be wrong as I sort through my inventory and outfits. But today, something really odd and agitating happened. I was helping my friend with shopping and went into my inventory to find a landmark. I go to my clothing folder to find a landmark in one of the folders I have in there, since most creators tend to put a landmark in the files that have their products in it. Well, as I went in to my clothing folder, all of my folders were empty. Whatever happened, caught me off guard because I dont know how that happened. Everything in every folder was gone, aside the folder it was in previously. So, I check my trash folder and everything that was in the folders they were supposed to be is in there. And not just my clothing, it happened to a bunch of other things as well. Objects, textures, Body parts, ect. Is there a way I can immediately restore everything back into the folders? Or am I going to have to painfully put every little thing back in their place? Again...I dont know how this happened, I'm a pretty clean person when it comes to keeping my inventory tidy...So this is insane and to be frank. Pisses me off at a high scale. Anyone have any ideas on how this happened?

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